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50+ SURGICAL CONDITIONS Physiotherapy MCQs MPT Preparations

This Physio Fit India Post contains more than 50+ SURGICAL Physiotherapy MCQs MPT preparation MCQs/Quiz Practice Mode like Medical,Railway,University Physiotherapy MCQs exams PP Mohanty Book . This post help physiotherapy based on various entrance and competitive examinations. Apart from the answers. This Website and posts focuses on students, teachers, and exam aspirants.
The Post covers the syllabus for the exams like medical recruitment, railway recruitment, and other university and hospital recruitments. MCQ IN PHYSIOTHERAPY

1.            Low back pain during pregnancy is due to_______.

a.            Increased load of the apophyseal joints more                                                    

b.            Decrease in IVF size                                                                     

c.            Pressure of Lumbo-sacral plexus

d.            All the above

2.            Increased thoracic kyphosis in the pregnancy is to

a.            Compensate for thoraco lumbar lordosis to gain the balance         

b.            Hide the enlarged breasts

c.            All the above

3.            Thoracic outlet syndrome in pregnancy is due to 

a.            Rounded shoulders which reduces the valet size                                

b.            Fluid retention

c.            Elevation of first rib

d.            All of the above

4.            Swelling in lower limb during pregnancy is due to

a.            Pressure over inferior vena cava by the gravid uterus        

b.            Vasodilation by the increased circulatory progesterone

c.            Gravity

d.            All of the above

5.            During pregnancy oestrogen level is increased 30 times, which _________

a.            Relaxes various pelvic ligaments to accommodate the gravid uterus

b.            Vasodilatation

c.            Affect metabolism

d.            None of the above                                                                                       

6.            During pregnancy body temperature 

a.            Increases by 0.5% over normal farenhite reading                               

b.            Remains unchanged

c.            Decreases by 0.5% over normal farenhite reading              

d.            None

7.            Increased frequency of micturation during pregnancy is due to ___________

a.            Dilatation of the ureter by the action of progesterone      

b.            Compression of uterus by gravid uterus

c.            Elongated urethra

d.            All

8.            During 3rd trimester one should lie in ________________

a.            Supine                                                                                             

b.            Side lying on left side

c.            Side lying in right side

d.            Crook lying

9.            One must avoid lying ________________ during late pregnancy

a.            Supine                                                                                             

b.            Side lying on left

c.            Side lying on right

d.            None

10.         Early fatigue during pregnancy is due to __________________

a.            Dilution anaemia

b.            Increase in body weight                                                              

c.            Decrease in metabolism

d.            All

11.         Relaxation _________________

a.            Serves energy                                                                                

b.            Reduces pain threshold

c.            Reduces HR, BP, RR etc.,

d.            All

12.         Listening to music is a passive mental technique for relaxation. This procedure is known as  ________________

a.            Attention focusing                                                                                       

b.            Distraction

c.            Dissociation

d.            Interference

13.         Attention focusing is a mental interference technique for relaxation.  It involves


a.            A passive perceptual interference                                                                         

b.            An active intentional and purposeful mental activity which focuses on another process. 

c.            Concentrating attention upon a non painful characteristic of the event

d.            None

14.         Pain during labour arises from _____________

a.            Stretching of the cervix.                                                                             

b.            Pressure over sacral plexus

c.            Stretch and pressure over pelvic organs, ligaments and muscles 

d.            All

15.         Pelvic inflammatory disease as the inflammation of __________________

a.            uterus                                                                                             

b.            cervix

c.            ovary

d.            fallopian tube

16.         Complication of salpingitis is ______________

a.            sterility

b.            intestinal obstruction

c.            peritonitis                                                                                                      

d.            all

17.         Physiotherapy modality suitable for pelvic inflammatory disease is

a.            US                                                                                                                    

b.            SWD

c.            IFT

d.            LASER

18.         Suitable position for delivery is ____________________

a.            supine lying

b.            side lying

c.            ½ lying with hips and knees flexed                                           

d.            crook lying

19.         Function of pelvic diaphragm is to __________________

a.            hold the bladder base & neck in intra abdominal pressure              

b.            forms the external sphincter & constricts during increased intra abdominal pressure

c.            supports the pelvic disease

d.            all

20.         laxity & weakness of pelvic floor muscles arise due to _______________

a.           stretching & tearing of pelvic muscles during delivery       

b.           partial denervation of pudental & pelvic nerves

c.           old age

d.           all of the above

21.         stress incontinence is characterized by ________________

a.            overflow of urine                                                                                         

b.            involuntary loss of urine

c.            continuous flow of urine

d.            urgency

22.         Passage of urine more number of time is known as frequency. Normal frequency of urination is _______________

a.            7 times during waking hour & 2 times during night            

b.            7 – 10 times during waking and 3 times during night

c.            10 – 12 times during waking and once during night

d.            none

23.         functions of the pelvic diaphragm can be checked by asking the patient to 

a.            weight lifting                                                                                  

b.            jumping

c.            stop midflow of urine

d.            all

24.         Foetal movement can be felt at around ________________

a.            12 weeks                                                                                                        

b.            16 weeks

c.            18 weeks

d.            20 weeks

25.         normal birth weight of the child is __________________

a.            2800 gm                                                                                                         

b.            3000 gm

c.            3200 gm

d.            3400 gm

26.         Which muscles require to be strengthened in pregnancy?

a.            Neck flexion, abdominals, hip extension, knee extension                

b.            Neck extension, abdominals hip flexion, knee extensors

c.            Neck flexion, back extension, hip extension, knee flexion

d.            Neck extension, back extension, hip flexion, hamstrings

27. Which are the muscles require to be stretched in pregnancy?

a.            Upper neck extensors, Scapular protractors, Lower back extensors, hamstrings and TA

b.            Neck flexion, scapular retractors, abdominals, quadriceps and TA

c.            Neck extension, scapular protraction, back extension, hamstrings and TA

d.            Neck flexion, scapular protraction, abdominals, quadriceps and


28.         Diastasis recti is tested in crock lying position by asking the subject to raise head and shoulder to touch the knees, while therapist palpitating the gap between the recti at the midline at different levels . It is considered significant when the gap is_______. 

a.           More than 1 cm                                                                            

b.           More than 2 cm 

c.           More than 3 cm 

d.           More than 4 cm 

29.         _________________ incision is a muscle splitting incision.

a.            Paramedian                                                                     

b.            Mcburnies

c.            Cocher’s

d.            Infra umbilical transverse

30.         ________________ incision is a muscle retracting incision

a.            Paramedian                                                                     

b.            Mcburnies

c.            Cocher’s

d.            Infra umbilical transverse

31.         _______________ incision is used for gasterectomy

a.            Left upper paramedian                                

b.            Right upper paramedian

c.            Left subcostal

d.            Midline

32.         Advantages of infra umbilical transverse incision include 

a.            It is covered by garment so preferred by the ladies for cosmetic point of view                                                                                  

b.            Moves with the respiratory movement so less painful

c.            All the above

33.         The advantages of paramedian incision ____.

a.            No muscle cut, so no hernia                        

b.            No damage to the nerve or vessels

c.            Can be extended up and down

d.            All of the above

34.         The disadvantages of cocher’s incision ______.

a.            Muscle cut so chance of hernia                 

b.            Damage to the intercostals nerve 7th,8th and 9th

c.            Giving rise to upper quadrant paralysis

d.            All of the above

35.         Complication of radical mastectomy include_____. 

a.            Oedema upper limb                                                      

b.            Loss of shoulder movement

c.            Balance problem

d.            Cosmesis and psychological problem

e.            All of the above

36.         After abdominal surgery abnormal lung function persists up to

a.            1 week                                                                              

b.            3 – 4 weeks

c.            2 weeks

d.            4 weeks

37.         The sign of DVT_____.

a.           edema ankle & foot                                       

b.           pain & tenderness medial aspect of lower calf

c            positive Homan’s sign

d.           all of the above

38.         Skin from uniovular  twin having common placenta is also accepted, which is called 

a.            Autograft                                                                         

b.            Isograft

c.            Homograft

d.            Heterograft

39.         Skin grafting fails because of ___________

a.            Movement of the graft                                

b.            Foreign material or any other substance under the graft

c.            Infection

d.            All of the above

40.         It takes about _____________ for the graft to establish its own blood flow

a.            3 – 4 days                                                                         

b.            7 – 10 days

c.            3 weeks

d.            6 weeks

41.         Following skin graft the part must be left undisturbed and active movement can be started after _____________

a.            3 – 4 days                                                                         

b.            7 – 10 days

c.            21 days

d.            6 weeks

42.         Following skin graft the part must be left undisturbed and passive movement can be started after _____________

a.            3 – 4 days                                                                         

b.            7 – 10days

c.            21 days

d.            6 weeks

43.         Following skin grafting in the leg, patient must be ______ to avoid hemorrhage underneath the grafted skin by the increased hydrostatic pressure.

a.            leg must be non-dependant for 10days

b.            given standing and gait training in the hydrotherapy                        

c.            made to stand with the elasto-crepe bandage

d.            all of the above

44.         Mostly burn occurs at the kitchen and_____________ is most hazardous.

a.            Wick stove                                                                       

b.            Gas stove

c.            Pressure stove

d.            All of the above.

45.         Which of the following is the better way to extinguish fire?

a.            Wrapped blanket                                                           

b.            Pour water  

c.            Roll the victim on the floor.

d.            Call fire brigade.

46.         Surface area burn is calculated by rule of nine.  How much surface palm of the hand include?

a.            1                                                                                         

b.            5

c.            7

d.            9

47.         Heterotrophic bone formation occurs in deep and large burn, which is characterized by pain and gradual restriction of range of motion.  The management of which is ___________

a.            Rest                                                                                   

b.            Exercise

c.            Ultrasound

d.            Surgical excision.

48.         Physiotherapy following acute burn include ____________

a.            Positioning in anti contracture and elevation        

b.            Changing the position at regular interval

c.            Early active movements

d.            All of the above.

49.         Physiotherapy for hypertrophic scar is____.

a.            US

b.            PWB                                                                                  

c.            DTFM

d.            Pressure garment

50.         Stretching of the transferred tendon can be performed after ___.

a.            3 weeks

b.            6 weeks                                                                                           

c.            once the strength of thr transferred muscle become G4

d.            after 6 weeks provided the power is G3+

Reference P. P. Mohanty

1. d14. d27. a 40. a
2. c15. d28. b41. a  
3. d16. d 29. b 42. b
4. d 17.b 30. a 43. d 
5. a18. c31. a 44. c
6. a19. d32. c 45. b
7. d20. d 33. d46. a 
8. c21. b34. d 47. a 
9. a 22. a35. d 48. d 
10. d23. c 36. c49. d 
11. d24. d37. d50. d
12. b25. d38. b 
13. b26. a 39. d 
Reference P. P. Mohanty
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