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Acute Cartilage Injuries Of the Knee

Acute Cartilage Injuries Of the Knee post thumbnail


■ Work or recreational injury

■ Mechanism

➣ Landing impact injury with isolated chondral defect

➣ Noncontact injury with sudden deceleration or cutting, associated meniscal or ligamentous injury

➣ Contact injury with varus or valgus force, associated meniscal or ligamentous injury
■ Painful

Symptoms of knee cartilage problems
■ May have mechanical symptoms (e.g., locking, catching) from chondral flap

Acute Cartilage Injuries Of the Knee
Acute Cartilage Injuries Of the Knee

Physical exam

■ Moderate effusion
■ May have hemarthrosis on aspiration if osteochondral fracture
■ Tender over affected condyle, plateau, or patellofemoral joint ± joint line tenderness


■ Radiographs
➣ AP, lateral sunrise (three or four views)
➣ Normal
➣ Will show signal changes at articular surface and possibly subchondral bone bruise
➣ Necessary to detect associated meniscal or ligament pathology

Differential diagnosis

■ Meniscal tear
■ Osteochondritis dissecans
■ Atraumatic osteonecrosis/avascular necrosis

Acute Cartilage Injuries Of the Knee
Acute Cartilage Injuries Of the Knee

Sprain, Types of injury and treatment of Ligament Sprain


■ Evaluate alignment
➣ If malalignment, consider osteotomy
■ Arthroscopy to determine lesion:
➣ Size
➣ Containment
➣ Depth
■ Depth of lesion (Outer bridge classification)
➣ Grade I – Softening of cartilage
➣ Grade II – Fibrillations
➣ Grade III – Fissuring
➣ Grade IV – Full thickness to bone

■ Grade I – No treatment

■ Grade II and III
➣ Arthroscopic debridement results in replacement with fibrocartilage – poor wear characteristics
■ Grade IV
➣ Mesenchymal stem cell stimulation
 Microfracture or drilling into subchondral bone results in replacement with fibrocartilage
➣ Substitution replacement
 Replacement of defect with autograft or allograft plug(s); also known as mosaicplasty or OATS

physiotherapy management in Fractures


➣ Biologic replacement
 Requires two surgeries: autologous chondrocytes are harvested and cultured, then later placed into the defect and covered with periostium
 Results in hyaline cartilage – better wear characteristics




■ Acute cartilage injury results in release of degradative enzymes (stromelysin), which contributes to further cartilage breakdown.
■ Treatment with thermal probe may cause death down to subchondral bone.
■ Partial-thickness lesions do not heal without treatment
➣ May cause meniscal injury and cartilage injury to opposite side of joint
■ Full-thickness defects 0–1 cm2 that are well contained do well with drilling or microfracture
■ Full-thickness defects 1–2 cm2 that are well contained do well with drilling, microfracture, or OATS procedure
➣ 50–70% good results at 5 years
■ Full-thickness defects >2 cm2 that are well contained do well with autologous chondrocyte implantation
➣ Depending on location 70–90% good results at 8–10 years
➣ Can be treated with OATS procedure with minimal long-term data available
■ Large poorly contained lesions have lower probability of regeneration success
➣ Result in lower levels of function that ultimately may require TKA
➣ Can be treated with large shell allografts (experimental)

caveats and pearls

■ Early arthroscopy for classification and treatment will prevent additional chondral and meniscal injury.
■ Meniscal pathology, ligamentous instability, and significant malalignment, if untreated, will all result in chondral injury.
■ Advances in imaging technology are not yet sufficient to detect and classify these injuries

Joint Dislocation/subluxation, Complications in joint Dislocation/subluxation

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