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MCQs| Anatomy bones & Muscles of upper limb-1

Out of 206 total bones in man, the upper limbs contain as many as 64 bones. Each side consists of 32 bones ,MCQs Anatomy bones of upper limb ,biceps brachii attachments?, ossification?, flexors muscles of arm? axis of abduction/adduction? heads of triceps brachii?

  1. 1.➤Which of the following bones is the first one to start ossification?
  2. a. Ulna
  3. b. Scapula
  4. c. Clavicle
  5. d. Humerus
  6. 2.➤Fracture of humerus at midshaft is likely to cause injury to which of the following nerves
  7. ? a. Median nerve
  8. b. Radial nerve
  9. c. Ulnar nerve
  10. d. Musculocutaneous nerve

3.➤Attachments of biceps brachii are to all of the following except:
a. Tip of coracoid process
b. Supraglenoid tubercle
c. Shaft of humerus
d. Radial tuberosity

4.➤ All the following muscles are flexors of the wnst except:
a. Flexor carpi radialis
b. Flexor digitorum superficialis
c. Pronator teres
d. Flexor carpi ulnaris

5.➤ The axis of abduction/adduction of digits passes through:
a. Centre of 2nd digit
b. Centre of 3rd digit
c. Centre of 4th digit
d. Centre of 5th digit

.6➤. All are heads of triceps brachii except:

a. Longhead
c. Lateral head
b. Short head
d. Medial head

1.c 2.b 3.c 4.c 5.b 6.b

Reference:-BD Chaurasia’s Human_Anatomy,Volume_1 Upper Limb Thorax, 6th_Edition

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