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MCQs| Pectoral region Anatomy Muscles /nerves -2

The pectoral region lies on the front of the chest. It essentially consists of structures which connect the upper limb to the anterolateral chest wall. Mammary gland lies in this region./ jugular notch / clavicle lies horizontally at the root of the neck, separating it from the front of the chest / sternal angle (angle of Louis) is felt as a transverse ridge about 5 cmbelow the jugular notch /

axilla (Latin armpit) is a pyramidal space between the arm and chest. When the arm is raised (abducted), the floor of the axilla rises, the anterior and posterior folds stand out, and the space becomes more prominent. The anterior axillary fold contains the lower border of the pectoralis major, and posterior axillary fold contains the tendon of the latissimus dorsi winding round the fleshy teres major

1.➤Which of the following muscle does not form deep relation of the mammary gland?
a. Pectoralis major
b. Pectoralis minor
c. Serratus anterior
d. External oblique of abdomen

2.➤One of the following structure does not pierce clavipectoral fascia:
a. Cephalic vein
b. Thoracoacromial artery
c. Medial pectoral nerve
d. Lateral pectoral nerve

3.➤Which of the following artery does not supply the mammary gland?

a. Superior thoracic
b. Thoracodorsal branch of subscapular artery
c. Lateral thoracic artery
d. Thoracoacromial artery

4.➤Axillary sheath is derived from:
a. Pretracheal fascia
b. Prevertebral fascia
c. Investing layer of cervical fascia
d. Pharyngobasilar facia

5.➤Winging of scapula occurs in paralysis of:
a. Pectoralis major
b. Pectoralis minor
c. Latissimus dorsi
d. Serratus anterior

  1. 1. b 2. c 3.b 4.b 5.d
  2. Reference:-BD Chaurasia’s Human_Anatomy,Volume_1 Upper Limb Thorax, 6th_Edition
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