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Cardio-Pulmonary functions MCQs -7

61.For humidification which is the most important concept
πŸ…. Absolute humidity
πŸ…‘. Vapor pressure
πŸ…’. Body humidity
πŸ…“. Relative humidity

62.Humidity should be added to the flow when it is
πŸ…. > 4 L/min
πŸ…‘. > 2 L/min
πŸ…’. > 10 L/min
πŸ…“. > 6 L/min

63.Diaphragm functioning is tested clinically by
πŸ…. Maximum breathing capacity
πŸ…‘. Inspiratory strength measurement
πŸ…’. Measuring VC in supine and sitting
πŸ…“. Both a and b

64.When patient breathe at low lung volume
πŸ…. Base is better ventilated than apex
πŸ…‘. Apex is better ventilated than base
πŸ…’. Apex and base equally ventilated
πŸ…“. V/Q = 1

65.For hypoxaemic patient which position will you prefer
πŸ…. Supine
πŸ…‘. Side lying
πŸ…’. Prone
πŸ…“. Prone abdomen free

66.Forced expiratory technique is
πŸ…. Mid lung volume huff – diaphragmatic breathing – cough
πŸ…‘. High lung volume huff – diaphragmatic breathing – cough
πŸ…’. Low – mid lung volume huff – diaphragmatic breathing – cough
πŸ…“. None of the above

67.A sequence of breathing at volumes and flow rate
πŸ…. FET
πŸ…‘. ACBT
πŸ…’. Autogenic drainage
πŸ…“. Both a and b

68.Which is not a self drainage procedure
πŸ…. FET
πŸ…‘. ACBT
πŸ…’. Autogenic drainage
πŸ…“. Prone on elbow

69.Flutter is a
πŸ…. High frequency PEP device
πŸ…‘. Chest compressor
πŸ…’. Vibrator
πŸ…“. None of the above

70.Pressure at umbilicus by heel of the palm is
πŸ…. Costophrenic assist
πŸ…‘. Helmich type assist
πŸ…’. Anterior chest compression assist
πŸ…“. None of the above

Reference P. P. Mohanty

61. d
62. a 
63. c
64. b
65. d
66. c
67. c
68. b 
69. a
70. b

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