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Cardio-Pulmonary MCQs oxygen consumption MPT Preparation -9

Cardio-Pulmonary MCQs oxygen consumption

81.Vibrations should be less vigorous for patients with
πŸ…. Lung abscess
πŸ…‘. Chronic bronchitis
πŸ…’. # Thoracic spine
πŸ…“. Asthma

82.Which is not true for percussion
πŸ…. It is done with fingers and thumb adducted
πŸ…‘. The sound of percussion should be hollow sound
πŸ…’. The rate of percussion between 100-475 times per minute.
πŸ…“. The dominant hand pressure is more than non dominant hand

83.For low pressure PEP therapy the resistance is adjusted till the PEP level is
πŸ…. 5-10 cm H2O
πŸ…‘. 10-20 cm H2O
πŸ…’. Forced vital capacity pressure
πŸ…“. None of the above

84.An indicator of effective cough is when FEV1 is at least
πŸ…. 40% of VC
πŸ…‘. 60% of VC
πŸ…’. 80% of VC
πŸ…“. 50% of VC

85.For every cigarette an individual smoke the cilia are paralyzed for
πŸ…. 5 minutes
πŸ…‘. 10 minutes
πŸ…’. 20 minutes
πŸ…“. 30 minutes

86.Which one among the following is not an self assisted technique for cough
πŸ…. Prone on elbows head flexion
πŸ…‘. Hands knee rocking
πŸ…’. Counter rotation
πŸ…“. Short sitting

87.The muscular work of breathing is __ % of total body oxygen consumption
πŸ…. 5%
πŸ…‘. 10%
πŸ…’. 15%
πŸ…“. 20%

88.Patients with secondary pulmonary dysfunction need to
πŸ…. Relax their accessory muscle and use diaphragm more
πŸ…‘. Balance the use of diaphragm and accessory muscle
πŸ…’. Reduce the work of breathing
πŸ…“. None of the above

89.Re-patterning technique is used for
πŸ…. COPD cases
πŸ…‘. Patients with short of breath
πŸ…’. Patients with high respiratory rate

90.Patients with accumulation of secretion4 gm of carbohydrate produces __ Kcal
πŸ…. 6.2 Kcal
πŸ…‘. 4.2 K cal
πŸ…’. 3.2 K cal
πŸ…“. 9.2 K cal

Reference P. P. Mohanty

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