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Cardio-Pulmonary MCQs PaCO2/thoracic pressure -8

Cardio-Pulmonary MCQs

Multiple Choice Questions Quiz and all cardiology MCQS, CARDIO-PULMONARY CONDITIONS related topics

Cardio-Pulmonary MCQs PaCO2/thoracic pressure

71.Which all are the movement strategies associated with inspiration
πŸ…. Shoulder flexion, abduction, external rotation
πŸ…‘. Shoulder flexion, trunk extension up to eye gaze
πŸ…’. Shoulder flexion, abduction, external rotation, trunk extension, eye gaze
πŸ…“. Trunk extension, shoulder flexion, abduction, external rotation

72.Out of bed activities are contraindicated when patient is connected to
πŸ…. Oxygen cylinder
πŸ…‘. Bed side monitor
πŸ…’. Intra aortic balloon pump
πŸ…“. All of the above three

73.PaCo2 is
πŸ…. Directly proportional to ventilation
πŸ…‘. Inversely proportional to ventilation
πŸ…’. Directly proportional to blood pH
πŸ…“. Inversely proportional to blood pH

74.If PaCO2 is within (30-50) mmHg and pH>7.5 then there is
πŸ…. Respiratory acidosis
πŸ…‘. Metabolic alkalosis
πŸ…’. Respiratory alkalosis
πŸ…“. Acceptable ventilatory and metabolic status

75.The relationship of Ph withPaCO2 is
πŸ…. For every 20mmHg rise in PaCO2 decrease the pH by 0.10
πŸ…‘. For every 20mmHg rise in PaCO2 increase the pH by 0.10
πŸ…’. For every 10mmHg rise in PaCO2 decrease the pH by 0.10
πŸ…“. For every 20mmHg fall in PaCO2 increase the pH by 0.10

76.Patients with high functional capacity but low reserve need
πŸ…. Shorter training course
πŸ…‘. Longer training course
πŸ…’. Progressive training course
πŸ…“. None of the above

77.Which of the following will not help to produce cough?
πŸ…. Application of ice below axilla
πŸ…‘. Extra thoracic tracheal pressure
πŸ…’. Manual ventilation
πŸ…“. Change of position

78.Equal pressure point in low lung volume remains at
πŸ…. Trachea
πŸ…‘. Lobar bronchi
πŸ…’. Alveoli
πŸ…“. Segmental bronchi

79.At what phase of cough the intra thoracic pressure rises to the maximum during
πŸ…. Inspiratory phase
πŸ…‘. Glottic closure
πŸ…’. Contraction of expiratory muscles
πŸ…“. Expiratory phase

80.The frequency of manual vibration is
πŸ…. 5 – 12 Hz
πŸ…‘. 12 – 20 Hz
πŸ…’. 20 – 25 Hz
πŸ…“. None of the above

71. c
72. c
73. b
74. b
75. a
76. b
77. a
78. c
79. c
80. b

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