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Cardio-Pulmonary MCQs Parameters MPT Preparation -10

Cardio-Pulmonary MCQs

Multiple Choice Questions Quiz and all cardiology MCQS, CARDIO-PULMONARY CONDITIONS related topics

Cardio-Pulmonary MCQs Parameters

91.For a mixed diet, for each litre of oxygen consumed how much energy is produced
πŸ…. 8 K cal
πŸ…‘. 6 K cal
πŸ…’. 5 K cal
πŸ…“. 4 K cal

92.Resting oxygen consumption expenditure for a 60 Kg man is _
πŸ…. 2 litres
πŸ…‘. 0.2 litres
πŸ…’. 0.5 litres
πŸ…“. 5 litres

93.1 litre of oxygen expended is equivalent to how much calories
πŸ…. 10 K cal
πŸ…‘. 10 cal
πŸ…’. 5 cal
πŸ…“. 5 K cal

94.In monark cycle ergometre for each revolution how much distance is traveled
πŸ…. 5 m
πŸ…‘. 6 m
πŸ…’. 3 m
πŸ…“. 2 m

95.Kreb cycle takes place in
πŸ…. Cytoplasm
πŸ…‘. Mitochondria
πŸ…’. Outside cell
πŸ…“. Ribosome

96.In a interval training the metabolic response of 2nd exercise is similar to the first if the interval is
πŸ…. .5 – 1 min
πŸ…‘. 1 – 2 min
πŸ…’. Within 2 minutes
πŸ…“. Can never be same

97.For graded exercise test the increment of exercise should be of
πŸ…. 1 MET
πŸ…‘. 2 MET
πŸ…’. 0.5 MET
πŸ…“. 2.5 MET

98.Ideal test time of graded exercise test should be
πŸ…. Within 10 minutes
πŸ…‘. 5 – 15 minutes
πŸ…’. 12 – 16 minutes
πŸ…“. 10 – 20 minutes

99.For exercise induced bronchospasm the exercise test should be done in
πŸ…. 1 stage
πŸ…‘. 2 stages
πŸ…’. 3 stages
πŸ…“. 4 stages

100.Anaerobic threshold corresponds to __ % of maximum heart rate
πŸ…. 50 %
πŸ…‘. 60 %
πŸ…’. 75 %
πŸ…“. 80 %

91. c 
92. b
93. d 
94. b
95. b
96. a 
97. a
98. c
99. b
100. c

Cardio-Pulmonary MCQs

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