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Cardio-Pulmonary Oxyhaemoglobin MCQs MPT Preparation -6

51.__ is better compensated with metabolic buffers
πŸ…. Respiratory alkalosis
πŸ…‘. Respiratory acidosis
πŸ…’. Both respiratory acidosis & alkalosis
πŸ…“. Non of the above

52.When there is a significant base deficit the appropriate terminology is
πŸ…. Acidosis
πŸ…‘. Academia
πŸ…’. Alkalemia
πŸ…“. Alkalosis

53.If PaCo2>50mmHg and PH is 7.3 to 7.4 then patient is suffering from which of the following condition
πŸ…. Acute ventilatory failure
πŸ…‘. Chronic ventilatory failure
πŸ…’. Partially compensated metabolic alkalosis
πŸ…“. Compensated metabolic alkalosis

54.Which is better predictor of oxygen saturation?
πŸ…. Pulse oxymetry
πŸ…‘. CO oxemeter
πŸ…’. Both a & b
πŸ…“. None of them

55.If patients minute volume is half of the normal value approximate PaCO2 is
πŸ…. 40 mmHg
πŸ…‘. 50mmHg
πŸ…’. 60 mmHg
πŸ…“. 70 mmHg

56.Which of the following will not shift the oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve to right
πŸ…. Acute acidosis
πŸ…‘. Acute alkalosis
πŸ…’. High carbondioxide
πŸ…“. Increased temperature

57.When using 70 % helium and 30 % O2 and observed flow is 10L/min. then actual flow is
πŸ…. 10 X1.1 = 11L/min
πŸ…‘. 10 x 1.5 = 15L/min
πŸ…’. 10 X 1.6 = 16L/min
πŸ…“. 10 X 1.8 = 18L/min

58.While using venture mask the total flow through the mask should be
πŸ…. 2 – 3 times minute volume
πŸ…‘. 3 – 4 times minute volume
πŸ…’. 4 – 6 times minute volume
πŸ…“. 8 – 10 times minute volume

59.Simple oxygen mask with a flow of 5 to 10L/min provide
πŸ…. 20 % to 30 % F102
πŸ…‘. 30 – 50 %
πŸ…’. 35 % to 60%
πŸ…“. 60 % to 80%

60.The recommended frequency of performing incentive spirometry is
πŸ…. 4 times/day
πŸ…‘. 5 times/hour while awake
πŸ…’. 10 times/day
πŸ…“. 10 times/hour while awake

Reference P. P. Mohanty

Answer Sheet

51. b
52. a
53. b
54. b
55. b
56. b
57. c
58. c
59. c
60. d

Answer Sheet of physiotherapy MCQs – Click

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