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Electro therapy MCQs current intensity/SD curve MCQs -7

  1. What is the normal difference in current intensity between the two sides?
    πŸ…. < 2 mA
    πŸ…‘. < 4 mA
    πŸ…’. < 6 mA
    πŸ…“. < 8 mA
  2. Beyond the conduction block in case of neurapraxia what should be the difference of current between two sides?
    πŸ…. < 2 mA
    πŸ…‘. < 4 mA
    πŸ…’. < 6 mA
    πŸ…“. < 8 mA
  3. In unilateral nerve injury, when the required current intensity for stimulation is 10 – 20 times of opposite side normal muscle then what might be the condition?
    πŸ…. Neurapraxia
    πŸ…‘. Axonotemesis of few nerve fibers
    πŸ…’. Axonotomesis of all most all nerve fibers
    πŸ…“. Neurotemesis
  4. What might be the strength of current required to stimulate a muscle with pulse of 10ms duration
    πŸ…. Same as required for 30 ms pulse
    πŸ…‘. Same as required for 1 ms pulse
    πŸ…’. Twice as 30 m sec pulse
    πŸ…“. Half of 1 ms pulse
  5. The rheobase is
    πŸ…. Unchanged in a denervated muscle
    πŸ…‘. Increases in a denervated muscle
    πŸ…’. Decreases in a denervated muscle
    πŸ…“. First increase then decrease
  6. Which are among the following is correct for SD curve plotting
    πŸ…. Constant current machine more comfortable
    πŸ…‘. Constant voltage machine is more comfortable
    πŸ…’. Constant current comfortable & less accurate
    πŸ…“. Constant voltage comfortable and less accurate
  7. SD curve can
    πŸ…. Distinguish between innervation & denervation
    πŸ…‘. Distinguish between innervated and denervated but can not quantify the state of innervation
    πŸ…’. Distinguish innervated and denervated and quantify the state of innervation
    πŸ…“. None
  8. Chronaxie for denervated muscle is
    πŸ…. < 1 ms πŸ…‘. < 10 ms πŸ…’. > 10 ms
    πŸ…“. > 1 ms
  9. Rheobase is
    πŸ…. Maximum tolerable current for a nerve impulse at long duration
    πŸ…‘. Minimum current for a nerve impulse at short duration
    πŸ…’. Minimum current for a nerve impulse at long duration
    πŸ…“. None of the above
  10. Utilization time is
    πŸ…. Same as chronaxie
    πŸ…‘. Pulse duration at rheobase current
    πŸ…’. Shortest duration of pulse at rheobase current
    πŸ…“. Longest duration of pulse at rheobase current

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