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Electro therapy MCQs Iontophoresis-2 MPT Preparation MCQs -10

  • Zinc iontophoresis is used for
    πŸ…. Neutrogena pain
    πŸ…‘. Ischemic ulcers
    πŸ…’. Non healing ulcers
    πŸ…“. Anti – inflammatory effect
  • Fungal skin infection can be treated by
    πŸ…. Zinc iontophoresis
    πŸ…‘. Dexamethasone iontophoresis
    πŸ…’. Copper iontophoresis
    πŸ…“. Iodine iontophoresis
  • The principle of applying direct current to the body is
    πŸ…. There should be uniform current density
    πŸ…‘. Provide a complete circuit
    πŸ…’. The indifferent electrode size should be more than 2 Β½ times the active electrode placed at therapeutic
    πŸ…“. All of the above
  • The number of moles of a given ion that will be released by passage of current directly proportional to
    πŸ…. Amperes of charge
    πŸ…‘. Ejection time
    πŸ…’. Transport number
    πŸ…“. a & b
    e. All of the above
  • Factors that affect the iontophoretic transport are
    πŸ…. Concentration of various ions in the solution
    πŸ…‘. Vehicle pH
    πŸ…’. Current strength
    πŸ…“. Solute concentration
    e. All of the above
  • Among the following which is not true for application of iontophoresis
    πŸ…. Low risk of infection
    πŸ…‘. Enhanced drug penetration
    πŸ…’. Less systemic absorption
    πŸ…“. Maximum skin irritation
  • For the edema reduction the following ion is used
    πŸ…. Acetate
    πŸ…‘. Copper
    πŸ…’. Hyaluronidase
    πŸ…“. None of the above
  • What can be the source for iontophoresis in hyper hydro sis
    πŸ…. Iodine
    πŸ…‘. Acetic acid
    πŸ…’. Zinc
    πŸ…“. Tap water
  • A typical iontophoretic drug delivery dose is ………….
    πŸ…. 20 mA- min
    πŸ…‘. 40 mA –min
    πŸ…’. 60 mA – min
    πŸ…“. 80 mA – min
  • If DC is used for pain relief the dosage varies with
    1. πŸ…. Diagnosis of the condition
    2. πŸ…‘. Skin pigmentation
    3. πŸ…’. Polarity of electrode on treatment site
    4. πŸ…“. All of the above


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