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Electro therapy MCQs Iontophoresis MPT Preparation MCQs -9

Electro therapy MCQs Iontophoresis MPT Preparation MCQs -9 post thumbnail
Electro therapy MCQs Iontophoresis
  1. While applying DC, the important parameter for therapeutic purpose is
    πŸ…. Current intensity
    πŸ…‘. Circuit resistance
    πŸ…’. Current density
    πŸ…“. The duration of application
  2. In iontophoresis the total number of ions introduced into the tissue proportional to
    πŸ…. Current
    πŸ…‘. Current density
    πŸ…’. Time of application
    πŸ…“. Both b & c
  3. For iontophoresis the positively charged ions should be kept at
    πŸ…. Anode
    πŸ…‘. Cathode
    πŸ…’. Any electrode
    πŸ…“. Both the electrodes
  4. The factor/factors important for penetration of ion into the tissue is/are
    πŸ…. Specific conductivity of solution
    πŸ…‘. pH of solution
    πŸ…’. Precipitation formed by ions
    πŸ…“. All of the above
  5. The mechanism of wound healing by electrical stimulation is supposed to be due to
    πŸ…. Skin battery
    πŸ…‘. Enhanced DNA and protein synthesis
    πŸ…’. The migration of epithelial and connective tissue cells
    πŸ…“. All of the above
  6. What should be the sequence of application of current for an infected wound?
    πŸ…. Cathode on wound, < 1ma current, change of polarity of electrode
    1. πŸ…‘. Anode on wound, < 1ma current, change of polarity of electrode
    2. πŸ…’. Cathode on wound, > 1ma current, change of polarity of electrodes
      πŸ…“. Anode on wound, > 1ma current, change of polarity of electrode
  7. The duration of anesthesia effect by application of anesthetic agent through iontophoresis is
    πŸ…. 2 minutes
    πŸ…‘. < 5 minutes
    πŸ…’. Within 15 minutes
    πŸ…“. 20 minutes
  8. What is the best therapeutic use of iontophoresis?
    πŸ…. As local anesthesia
    πŸ…‘. To apply antibiotics
    πŸ…’. To apply anti inflammatory drug
    πŸ…“. For treatment of hyper hydrosis
  9. Which is not true for iontophoresis
    πŸ…. Eliminates first pass metabolism
    πŸ…‘. Uncontrolled drug delivery
    πŸ…’. Avoid pain that accompanies injection
    πŸ…“. Decrease risk of infection.
  10. Which iontophoresis is used for hyper hydro sis
    πŸ…. Metallic silver
    πŸ…‘. Glycopyrronium bromide
    πŸ…’. Xanthenes nicotinamide
    πŸ…“. Vinc alkaloid

Answer Sheet of physiotherapy MCQs – Click

Answer Sheet of physiotherapy MCQs – Click


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