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Electrotherapy MCQs frequency Muscle/Nerve Practice-6

  1. If the intensity remains constant at what frequency of current, the muscle contraction may decrease
    πŸ…. < 100 Hz
    πŸ…‘. 100 Hz
    πŸ…’. 1000 Hz
    πŸ…“. < 1000 Hz
  2. What is the optimal frequency for muscle contraction?
    πŸ…. 10 – 20 Hz
    πŸ…‘. 20 – 30 Hz
    πŸ…’. 30 – 40 Hz
    πŸ…“. 40 – 60 Hz
  3. Fast twitch muscle fibers can be stimulated at a frequency of
    πŸ…. 10 – 20 Hz
    πŸ…‘. 30 – 40 Hz
    πŸ…’. 50 – 150 Hz
    πŸ…“. 200 Hz
  4. For a pulse duration of 1 ms what can be the maximum frequency for nerve depolarization
    πŸ…. 100 Hz
    πŸ…‘. 500 Hz
    πŸ…’. 1000Hz
    πŸ…“. None of the above
  5. Rhythmical 1 – 100 Hz interferential current may be helpful for
    πŸ…. Muscle contraction
    πŸ…‘. Pain relief
    πŸ…’. Reduction of edema
    πŸ…“. None of the above
  6. Benefit of Russian current over faradic stimulation is
    πŸ…. Better pain relieving effect
    πŸ…‘. Covers larger stimulation area
    πŸ…’. Stimulation of deep muscles
    πŸ…“. Better facilitator of healing
  7. Which is a better electrotherapy modality for stress incontinence?
    πŸ…. TENS
    πŸ…‘. Faradic Stimulation
    πŸ…’. IFT
    πŸ…“. I.πŸ…“.C
  8. Skin impedance is
    πŸ…. High for shorter pulse duration
    πŸ…‘. High for longer pulse duration
    πŸ…’. Not affected by pulse duration
    πŸ…“. High for high frequency current
  9. Which one among the following is true for voluntary and electrical stimulation?
    πŸ…. Voluntary contraction stimulates type I but electrical stimulation stimulates type II fibres
    πŸ…‘. Voluntary stimulates type II but electrical stimulation type I
    πŸ…’. There is gradual recruitment in electrical stimulation
    πŸ…“. There is synchronized response in voluntary contraction
  10. In the pre-mode application of IFT
    πŸ…. Electrode placement is not easy
    πŸ…‘. Under the electrode current is more
    πŸ…’. Difficult to accurately reach the affected area
    πŸ…“. Strong contraction can not be achieved

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