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Exercise therapy MCQs exercise program MPT Preparation -9

Exercise therapy MCQs/Quiz MPT Preparation

πŸ”°Q Which of the following properties of water helps a patient with lower extremity muscles weakness to stand in side hydrotherapy pool which otherwise can not stand?
πŸ… Buoyancy
πŸ…‘. Temperature of water .
πŸ…’. Hydrostatic pressure.
πŸ…“. Specific gravity

πŸ”°Q For group therapy maximum number of patients in group is about __.
πŸ… 4-6
πŸ…‘. 6 -8 .
πŸ…’. 8-10 .
πŸ…“. More than 10

πŸ”°Q . The advantages of group therapy __.
πŸ… Time saving for therapist.
πŸ…‘. Builds up confidence in patients .
πŸ…’. Maximizes patients effort and develop competition among the patients .
πŸ…“. All the above

πŸ”°Q Mitchell technique of relaxation is based on the principle of ____
πŸ… Reciprocal innervations
πŸ…‘. Autogenic inhibition.
πŸ…’. Cue controlled relaxation.
πŸ…“. Released only

πŸ”°Q Valsalva Maneuver should be avoided for
πŸ… Patients with hypertension
πŸ…‘. Geriatric patients.
πŸ…’. Patients who have undergone abdominal surgery .
πŸ…“. All of the above

πŸ”°Q . Progressive resistance exercises improve the muscle power in every individual
πŸ… True.
πŸ…‘. false.
πŸ…’. Not always

πŸ”°Q Delayed onset muscle soreness peaks at
πŸ… 1 – 2 days.
πŸ…‘. 2 – 3 days.
πŸ…’. 1 week.
πŸ…“. None of the above

πŸ”°Q DOMS can be prevented by
πŸ… Adding warm up and cool down period to the exercise protocol.
πŸ…‘. By a gradually progressive exercise programme .
πŸ…’. Achieving sretchability in the exercising muscle prior to the exercise programme .
πŸ…“. All of the above

πŸ”°Q If stair climbing has to be improved which exercises should be done?
πŸ… Closed chain concentric.
πŸ…‘. Closed chain concentric & eccentric .
πŸ…’. Closed and open chain concentric & eccentric .
πŸ…“. Open chain concentric exercises.

πŸ”°Q To improve function which exercise program is preferable
πŸ… Closed chain concentric.
πŸ…‘. Open chain concentric .
πŸ…’. Plyometric.
πŸ…“. Closed chain concentric & eccentric

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