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Exercise therapy mcqs soft tissue MPT Preparation -10–10/ Exercise therapy mcqs soft tissue

πŸ”°Q Which is not true for isokinetic exercise
πŸ… Exercise speed can vary from very low to very high speed
πŸ…‘. Strength gain occurs at training speed.
πŸ…’. Patient need to control the momentum. .
πŸ…“. it improves muscle endurance

πŸ”°Q Which is the most important variable to improve muscle force generation capacity?
πŸ… Load.
πŸ…‘. Duration .
πŸ…’. Sets.
πŸ…“. Frequestionuency

πŸ”°Q The minimum duration of exercise program to improve strength should be at least.
πŸ… 3 weeks
πŸ…‘. 6 weeks .
πŸ…’. 10 weeks .
πŸ…“. 12 weeks

πŸ”°Q What should be the progression of exercise protocol following musculoskeletal injury.
πŸ… Isometric – eccentric – concentric.
πŸ…‘. Isometric – concentric – concentric & eccentric.
πŸ…’. Concentric – eccentric – concentric & eccentric.
πŸ…“. Isometric – concentric – eccentric

πŸ”°Q Oxford technique is opposite of
πŸ… Dapre.
πŸ…‘. Delorme.
πŸ…’. Mcquestionueen .
πŸ…“. None of the above

πŸ”°Q In slow stretching
πŸ… GTO fires.
πŸ…‘. Muscle spindle fires.
πŸ…’. Monosynaptic stretch reflex initiated.
πŸ…“. None of the above

πŸ”°Q Tightness is same as
πŸ… Scar tissue adhesion.
πŸ…‘. Adaptive shortening .
πŸ…’. Transient contracture.
πŸ…“. Contracture.

πŸ”°Q When there is permanent deformation with a load of low magnitude and long duration in the elastic range it is known as.
πŸ… Fatigue failure
πŸ…‘. Reaching elastic limit .
πŸ…’. Creep .
πŸ…“. Ultimate strength

πŸ”°Q . For most of our functional activities we use
πŸ… Toe region of collagen fibres
πŸ…‘. Elastic portion of collagen fibre.
πŸ…’. Plastic range.
πŸ…“. None of the above

πŸ”°Q Which is the best method for stretching tight structures?
πŸ… Manual stretch.
πŸ…‘. Prolonged cyclic.
πŸ…’. Prolonged sustained stretching .
πŸ…“. Ballistic stretching

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