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Exercise therapy MCQs hydrotherapy MPT Preparation -8

πŸ”°Q Leg lowering against resistance from extended knee position, __.
πŸ… quadriceps works concentrically.
πŸ…‘. quadriceps works eccentrically .
πŸ…’. Hamstrings works concentrically .
πŸ…“. Hamstrings works eccentrically

πŸ”°Q what should be the temperature of water in hydrotherapy unit?
πŸ… 270 C – 350 πŸ…’.
πŸ…‘. 220 C – 420 C .
πŸ…’. 320 C – 350 C .
πŸ…“. None of the above

πŸ”°Q In hydrotherapy the factor/factors which can have an effect on heart rate is/are
πŸ… Temperature of water.
πŸ…‘. Hydrostatic pressure of water .
πŸ…’. Both a and b .
πŸ…“. Buoyancy of water

πŸ”°Q The upward movement inside the water is easy. The movement is assisted by __.
πŸ… Gravity
πŸ…‘. Buoyancy.
πŸ…’. Hydrostatic pressure .
πŸ…“. Water current

πŸ”°Q . Which of the following properties of water helps a patient with lower extremity muscles weakness to stand in side hydrotherapy pool which otherwise can not stand?’,
πŸ… Buoyancy
πŸ…‘. Temperature of water.
πŸ…’. Hydrostatic pressure .
πŸ…“. Specific gravity

πŸ”°Q The cross infection in hydrotherapy can be checked by________.
πŸ… Boiling the water.
πŸ…‘. Washing the client before entering into the pool .
πŸ…’. Controlling the environmental temperature, humidity etc.
πŸ…“. Chlorinating the water

πŸ”°Q Movement on the surface of the water is _.
πŸ… Assisted buoyancy.
πŸ…‘. Supported buoyancy .
πŸ…’. Supported hydrostatic pressure.
πŸ…“. Resisted by the displaced water

πŸ”°Q The dangers of hydrotherapy is_________.
πŸ… Slippage and fall
πŸ…‘. Drowning.
πŸ…’. Infection .
πŸ…“. All of the above

πŸ”°Q The danger of prolonged hydrotherapy is _.
πŸ… Fatigue.
πŸ…‘. Water and electrolyte loss.
πŸ…’. Rise in body temperature .
πŸ…“. All the above

πŸ”°Q The contraindication of hydrotherapy is_________.
πŸ… Convulsions.
πŸ…‘. Respiratory diseases .
πŸ…’. Incontinence of bowel & bladder.
πŸ…“. All the above

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