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Neurology MCQs Prosopagnosia/Vertigo MPT Preparation -10

The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” MCQs | NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS CONDITIONS

Neurology MCQs Prosopagnosia/Vertigo
  1. Prosopagnosia is
    πŸ…. Inability to recognize familiar objects
    πŸ…‘. Inability to identify familiar faces
    πŸ…’. Inability to interpret visual stimuli
    πŸ…“. Inability to remember appropriate colour
  2. Astereognosis is indicated if patient is unable to identify
    πŸ…. 2 or more objects
    πŸ…‘. 5 or more objects
    πŸ…’. 3 or more objects
    πŸ…“. 10 or more objects
  3. Ability to interpret letter written on the palmar surface of one’s hand is
    πŸ…. Stereognosia `
    πŸ…‘. Ahylognosia
    πŸ…’. Graphesthesia
    πŸ…“. None
  4. Loss of hearing for low pitched tones is a feature of
    πŸ…. Middle ear infection
    πŸ…‘. Damage of sensory end organ
    πŸ…’. Damage of cochlear part of 8th nerve
    πŸ…“. Auditory cortical area
  5. Semicircular canals are excited by
    πŸ…. Linear movement
    πŸ…‘. Angular movement
    πŸ…’. Acceleration
    πŸ…“. Decelleration
  6. Vertigo means a feeling of
    πŸ…. External world appear to move in arotatory fashion.
    πŸ…‘. External world oscillates
    πŸ…’. πŸ…’. Patient feels his own body moves /rotates
    πŸ…“. a&b
    e. a,b&c
  7. Which of the following is not a brain stem reflex?
    πŸ…. STNR
    πŸ…‘. ATNR
    πŸ…’. Positive supporting
    πŸ…“. Crossed extension
  8. Modified ashworth scale grade 1+ ________
    πŸ…. Slight increase in muscle tone, manifested by a catch, followed by minimal resistance throughout the reminder (less than half ) of the range of motion.
    πŸ…‘. Slight increase and tone, manifested by a catch and release and by minimal resistance at the end of the range when the affected part is moved in flexion and extension.
    πŸ…’. More marked increase in tone, but affected part easily flexed
    πŸ…“. Consideration increase in tone, passive movement difficult
  9. The prognosis of meningitis depends upon
    πŸ…. Infecting organism
    πŸ…‘. Stage of illness
    πŸ…’. Presence of fracture skull
    πŸ…“. All of the above
    e. a& b
  10. Trigeminal neuralgia is caused by demyelinatio/degeneration of————
    πŸ…. Sensory divison of cranial nerve 5
    πŸ…‘. Motor division of cranial nerve 5.
    πŸ…’. Sensory division of cranial nerve 6
    πŸ…“. Motor division of cranial nerve 6

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Neurology MCQs

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