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The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” MCQs | CARDIO-PULMONARY CONDITIONS

21.➤➤ Normal cholesterol to HDL ratio is___.
a. 1-2
b. 2-3
c. 3-5
d. 5-7

22.➤➤ Percussion & vibration should be discontinued when PaO2 reaches
a. 50
b. 55
c. 65
d. 80

23.➤➤ Usually suction pressure for adults is
a. 80 mmHg
b. 100 mmHg
c. 120 mmHg
d. 70 mmHg

24.➤➤ Suction times should be less than
a. 5 seconds
b. 20 seconds
c. 15 seconds
d. 30 seconds

25.➤➤ Which is not a complication of suction?
a. Vagal stimulation
b. Hypotension
c. Atelectasis
d. Cough

26.➤➤ Which is not a complication of hyper inflation?
a. Penumothorax
b. Bronchospasm
c. Increased cardiac output
d. Decreased cardiac output

27.➤➤ Pulmonary artery hypertension is when mean PA pressure is
a. > 10 mmHg
b. > 20 mmHg
c. > 30 mmHg
d. > 40 mmHg

28.➤➤ Which is not a risk factor for pulmonary artery hypertension?
a. Multiple blood transfusion
b. Chest trauma
c. Near drowning
d. Aspiration of gastric content

29.➤➤ Patients with diffusion problems will have
a. Normal PaCo2
b. Hypoxaemia and normal PaCo2
c. Hypoxaemia and hypercapnia
d. Normal PaO2 with hypercapnia

30.➤➤ In which of the following O2 therapy will not help
a. Dead space
b. Shunt
c. Respiratory failure
d. None of the above

21-C , 22-B , 23-C , 24-C , 25-D , 26-C , 27-B , 28-B , 29-B , 30-B

200+ Cardio-pulmonary Physiotherapy MCQs MPT preparation

200+Cardio-pulmonary Physiotherapy MCQs MPT preparation Quiz

Reference P. P. Mohanty PHYSIOTHERAPY SECRETS Multiple Choice Questions

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