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The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in “MCQ | ELECTRO THERAPY CONDITIONS MPT PREPARATION MCQs Multiple Choice Questions Quiz and all ELECTRO THERAPY related topics, 

  1. 1⧭Electrical activity in the cells of the body can be described as
    a. Conduction current
    b. Convection current
    c. Both conduction and convection
    d. Radiation
  2. 2⧭Electrical activity of body is lower than the electrical circuits because
    a. It is dependent on movement of ions
    b. Pathways are shorter
    c. The mass of ion is smaller
    d. All of the above
  3. 3⧭Negativity of resting membrane potential is due to
    a. Potassium is more permeable than sodium
    b. Three sodium ejected for two potassium
    c. Potassium is brought into the cell and sodium expelled out of the cell
    d. All of the above
  4. 4⧭How much change of action potential can trigger a depolarization
    a. 5 – 10 mv
    b. 10 – 15 mv
    c. 15 – 20 mv
    d. >25 mv
  5. 5⧭Usually various pulsed currents cause
    a. Chemical changes
    b. Stimulate excitable tissue
    c. Heating in the tissue
    d. Changes in growth and repair in tissue
  6. 6⧭Before applying any electrical modality, the therapist should reason out
    a. Whether the modality has the ability to achieve the intended effect?
    b. Is it safe?
    c. Is this the best modality for the particular effect
    d. All of the above
  7. 7⧭The essential for electromagnetic induction is
    a. A conductor
    b. Magnetic lines of forces
    c. Movement of the conductor and magnetic lines of force relatively
    d. All of the above
  8. 8⧭To prevent the occurrence of eddy currents
    a. An insulator is used
    b. A spherical conductor is used
    c. A laminated conductor is used
    d. None of the above
  9. 9⧭A choke coil is used
    a. To even out the variations of intensity of current
    b. To prevent the flow of high frequency current and allow the flow of low frequency current
    c. (a) & (b)
    d. None of the above
  10. 10⧭The unit of capacitance is
    a. Ampere
    b. Volt
    c. Farad
    d. None of the above

1-B, 2-D,3-D,4-B,5-D,6-D,7-D,8-C,9-C,10-C

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