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The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” EXERCISE THERAPY CONDITIONS MPT PREPARATION MCQs Multiple Choice Questions Quiz and all EXERCISE THERAPY related topics, 

. Stretching is the ________________.
(A) Slow and sustained forced passive movement (B) Sudden but controlled forced passive movement (C) Relaxed passive movement (D) Manipulation.

.Anterior pelvic tilt is produced by ________________. .
(A) Hip extensors and abdominals (B) hip flexors and lumbar extensors (C) Hip adductors and trunk side flexors (D) Non of the above.

. Natural speed for every active exercise varies from individual to individual and in the same individual from time to time. Choose the correct answer regarding the speed of movement.
(A) Movement at natural speed requires greater muscular effort and control (B) Movement at reduced speed requires optimal force (C) Movement at increased speed requires strong muscular effort (D) All of the above.

. Muscles are most often used in the middle range during activities of daily livings so most efficient within this range.
(A) Exercise in outer range is used for muscle re-education (B) Exercise in middle range is used for muscle tone and power (C) Exercise in inner range is used for training stabilization (D) All of the above.

.Finger walking on the wall to touch a mark is an example of ________________ exercise .
(A) Passive (B) Subjective free (C) Objective free (D) Assisted.

. . In which of the PRE the load remains constant during the training session____________________.
(A) Delorme (B) Watkin (C) Zinovieff (D) Macqueen.

. In Delorme’s PRE the progression of 10 RM is made once in _.
(A) Daily (B) Every week (C) Every fortnight (D) Every month.

.Low resistance high repetition exercise is used to improve muscle_______ .
(A) Strength (B) Endurance (C) Volume (D) Co-ordination.

.Example of soft tissue approximation limiting joint range of motion is__________________. .
(A) Forearm pronation (B) Hip flexion with knee extension (C) Ankle df with knee flexion (D) Elbow flexion.

.Example of passive insufficiency is______________ _. .
(A) Hip flexion with knee extension (B) Fingers flexion with wrist extension (C) Ankle dorsi flexion with knee flexion (D) Shoulder external rotation with abduction .

. Limitation of finger abduction is due to tension of ___________. .
(A) Skin (B) Muscles (C) Ligament (D) Bone .

Reference P. P. Mohanty PHYSIOTHERAPY SECRETS Multiple Choice Questions

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