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NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS MCQs questions with Answers for Medical preparation and enhance their knowledge and needs to practice MCQs tests- MPT Entrance exam,AIIMS Entrance

  1. 11. Supplemental motor area lesion will result in
    a. Motor apraxia in the absence of motor or sensory impairment
    b. Spastic paralysis contralateral
    c. Flaccid paralysis of ipsilateral
    d. In co-ordination
  2. 12. Decusation of cortico-spinal tract occur at
    a. Spinal cord
    b. Junction of medulla and spinal cord
    c. Above medulla
    d. Pons
  3. 13. Dopamine is synthesized by
    a. Globus pallidum
    b. Substantia nigra
    c. Subthalmaic nucleus
    d. Putamen
  4. 14. Paleocerebellum chiefly concerned with
    a. Information from stretch receptors.
    b. Voluntary function
    c. Involuntary function
    d. Posture
  5. 15. Which somatosensory system possess more discriminative properties
    a. Spinothlamic
    b. Lemniseal
    c. Spinocerebellar
    d. None of the above
  6. 16. Merkel’s disk is for
    a. Touch – pressure
    b. Touch temperature
    c. Two point discrimination
    d. Stereognosis
  7. 17. Meissner’s corpuscle is for
    a. Two point discrimination steriognosis
    b. Touch
    c. Temperature
    d. Pressure
  8. 18. Cortical sensation is mediated by
    a. Primary somato sensory area
    b. Skin receptors
    c. Secondary somato sensory cortex
    d. Secondary somatosensory cortex and posterior multimodal association area
  9. 19. Motor planning and timing is by which lobe of cerebellum
    a. Anterior lobe
    b. Floculonodular
    c. Posterior
    d. All of the above
  10. 20. Ventral spino cerebellar relieves signals from
    a. From lower limb
    b. From upper limb
    c. Trunk
    d. a &b

11-A , 12-B , 13-B , 14-A , 15-C , 16-A , 17-A , 18-D , 19-C , 20-A

250+Neurology MCQs Physiotherapy MCQs MPT Preparation

250+Neurology MCQs Physiotherapy MCQs|MPT Preparation Practice Mode

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