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The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” MCQs | NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS CONDITIONS

  1. Stroking across lateral border of foot elicits —-. Reflex.
    a. Chaddock
    b. Gordon
    c. Oppeneim
    d. Babinski
  2. Facilitation of extensor tone against gravity is by
    a. Vestibulo spinal tract
    b. Rubro spinal tract
    c. Reticulo spinal tract
    d. Corticospinal tract
  3. Meralgia parasthetica occurs in—————— nerve.
    a. Sciatic
    b. Superficial peroneal
    c. Lateral femoral cutaneous
    d. Sural
  4. Decerebrate rigidity refers to
    a. Sustained contraction and posturing of the trunk and limbs in a position of full flexion
    b. Sustained contraction and positioning of the trunk and limbs in a position of full extension
    c. Sustained contraction and posturing of the trunk and the lower limbs in extension and the upper limbs in flexion
    d. Strong and sustained contraction of extensors muscles of the neck, trunk and four limbs
  5. Thermanalgesia is
    a. Inability to perceive heat
    b. Inability to perceive sensation of heat and cold
    c. Inability to perceive pain and temperature
    d. None of the above.
  6. Features of diabetic neuropathy
    a. Mild and chronic
    b. b. Affecting both sensory and motor nerve
    c. Lower extremity involvement
    d. b & c
    e. a , b & c
  7. The differentiating feature of diabetes from tabes is ————-.
    a. Pain
    b. Ataxia
    c. Loss of tendon reflex in lower limb
    d. Tender calf
  8. The differentiating feature of poly neuropathy from polio myelitis is
    a. Muscle weakness
    b. Muscle atrophy
    c. No sensory involvement
    d. Symmetrical muscle involvement
  9. Which is not a feature of myasthenia gravis
    a. Muscle weakness
    b. Muscle wasting
    c. Muscle fatigability
    d. Fasciculation
  10. MND involves progressive degeneration of ———————
    a. Anterior horn cells of in the spinal cord
    b. Cells of lower cranial motor nuclei
    c. Neurons of the motor cortex and pyramidal tract
    d. All of the above

41-A , 42-A , 43-C , 44-B , 45-A , 46-E , 47-D , 48-D , 49-B , 50-D

250+Neurology MCQs Physiotherapy MCQs MPT Preparation

250+Neurology MCQs Physiotherapy MCQs|MPT Preparation Practice Mode

Reference P. P. Mohanty PHYSIOTHERAPY SECRETS Multiple Choice Questions

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