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The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” MCQs | REHABILITAION CONDITIONS

21.➤➤ In case of hip pathology walking stick is provided on the __
a. same side
b. opposite side
c. both the side
d. any side

22.➤➤ A person with left hip pain is found to have limb length shortening on the affected
a. Foot wear compensation should be provided on the affected side.
b. Foot wear compensation should be provided on the affected side with 1”deficit
c. Foot wear compensation should be provided on the affected side with ½”deficit.
d. No foot wear compensation should be provided.

23.➤➤ Percentage of permanent physical impairment in case of unilateral AK amputee
up to 1/3rd of thigh is ____
a. 85%
b. 80%
c. 75%
d. 70%

24.➤➤ A person has got loss of limb ROM 16% and loss of muscle strength 8%.
Percentage of permanent physical impairment is _
a. 22.➤➤6%
b. 24.➤➤0%
c. 54.7%
d. 71.8%

25.➤➤ In AK prosthesis the foot piece is positioned in ____
a. Inset
b. Outset
c. Neutral
d. None of the above

26.➤➤ The foot rotation at heel strike in case of AK amputee is due to __
a. hard plantar flexion bumper
b. misalignment of knee bolt
c. foot outset
d. none of the above

27.➤➤ _ scheme provides financial assistance/loan to the persons with
interest under self employment programme.
b. DRI Scheme

28.➤➤ Lateral wedging is given to correct __
a. Genu valgus
b. Genu varum
c. Flat foot
d. None of the above

29.➤➤ Single lateral bar KAFO with T-strap is given for correction of _
a. genu valgum
b. genu recurvatum
c. genu varum
d. knee flexion

30.➤➤ Sling seat in a wheel chair can cause __
a. Slouched posture
b. Hip adduction and internal rotation
c. Wind swept deformity
d. Thoracic scoliosis

21-B , 22-C , 23-A , 24-A , 25-A , 26-A , 27-A , 28-B , 29-A , 30-B



Reference P. P. Mohanty PHYSIOTHERAPY SECRETS Multiple Choice Questions

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