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The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” MCQs | REHABILITAION CONDITIONS

31.➤➤ What should be seat width in adult wheel chair?
a. 18 – 20 inches
b. 16-18 inches
c. 14 – 18 inches
d. 10-12 inches.

32.➤➤ A patient’s family wants to build a ramp to the entrance of home. The proper
grade for the ramp should be __
a. 1” of ramp for every foot of rise in height.
b. 1” of ramp for every 1” of rise in height
c. 1” of ramp for every 2” of rise in height
d. 1 foot of ramp for every inch of rise in height.

33.➤➤ To perform a sliding board or shoulder depression transfer, the patient’s wheel
chair must have _
a. detachable foot rest
b. detachable arms
c. anti-tip bars
d. brake handle extension

34.➤➤ Sacral sitting in wheel chair may be due to __.
a. hypotonia
b. limited active hip flexion
c. lap belt located high
d. all of the above

35.➤➤ Energy consumption in wheel chair depends upon _
a. width of tire
b. width of caster
c. weight of the wheel chair
d. all of the above

36.➤➤ Amputation is a destructive surgery. It can be made constructive if comfortable
and functional prosthesis can be fitted, which depend on___.
a. support by the socket
b. suspension system
c. alignment of various parts
d. all of the above

37.➤➤ The advantages of total contact socket _.
a. prevents edema
b. comfortable as load are distributed over larger area of contact
c. increases sensory feedback, so better is the control over the prosthesis
d. all of the above

38.➤➤ Modular prosthesis is contraindicated for the following except____.
a. farmer
b. river bed area
c. very short stump
d. very long stump

39.➤➤ Prosthetic foot wear are classified as____.
a. articulated
b. non-articulated
c. energy storing
d. all of the above

40.➤➤ Jaipur prosthetic foot provides____.
a. more freedom of motion
b. can be used without foot wear and appropriate for rural amputees
c. good cosmetic appearance
d. all of the above

31-B , 32-D , 33-B , 34-D , 35-D , 36-D , 37-D , 38-C , 39-D , 40-D



Reference P. P. Mohanty PHYSIOTHERAPY SECRETS Multiple Choice Questions

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