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MPT Preparation MCQs | BIO MECHANICS CONDITIONS is designed to provide practice for students preparing to take the National Physical Therapy Exam MCQs follow physiofitindia Medical preparation and practice MPT Entrance exam, AIIMS Entrance

31.➤➤ A pathologic increase of neck shaft angle is
a. Coxa vara
b. Coxa valga
c. Femoral anteversion
d. Femoral retroversion

32.➤➤ The hip joint congruence is best in
a. Flexion, adduction and internal rotation
b. Flexion, abduction & external rotation
c. Extension, abduction & external rotation
d. Extension, adduction & internal rotation

33.➤➤ Shear stress is more in
a. Coxa vara
b. Coxa valga
c. Femoral anteversion
d. Femoral retroversion

34.➤➤ What is the measure structure responsible for closed packed position of hip joint
a. Muscles
b. Articular surfaces
c. Ligaments
d. Combinations of all three

35.➤➤ Zone of weakness in femur is that
a. Where system trabeculae is relatively thin
b. Blood supply is less
c. muscle coverage is less
d. Ligaments are slack

36.➤➤ The trabecular system is weak in the spine
a. Anteriorly
b. Posteriorly
c. Laterally
d. In the middle

37.➤➤ The ratio of disc thickness and vertebral body weight is maximum in which spine
a. Lumbar
b. Thoracic
c. Sacral
d. Cervical

38.➤➤ The range of abduction of shoulder is less when shoulder is
a. Externally rotated
b. Internally rotated
c. In neutral
d. In flexion

39.➤➤ Static stabilization of glenohumeral articular surface is provided by
a. Coracohumeral ligament
b. Coraco clavicualr ligament
c. Superior joint capsule
d. Coraco humeral ligament and superior joint capsule

40.➤➤ Which is the most important muscle to produce upwards rotation of the scapula
a. Serratus anterior
b. Trapezius
c. Levator scapulae
d. Deltoid

31-B , 32-B , 33-A , 34-C , 35-A , 36-A , 37-D , 38-B , 39-D , 40-B

120+ BIO-MECHANICS MCQs Physiotherapy MCQS MPT Preparation

120+ BIO-MECHANICS MCQs Physiotherapy MCQS MPT Preparation

Reference P. P. Mohanty

Dr .Lalit Choudhary
Hii everyone, I'm Dr Lalit Choudhary PT. Born and brought up in delhi. Practicing as a professional PHYSIOTHERAPIST. As a therapist I love to interact with others and and get myself updated regarding all the social issues which are leading my countrymen to distress themselves. Yes, I agree that Iam a workaholic but my work gives me immense pleasure but there are sometimes when I feel stressed up so to relax myself I travel to new places, meet new people and try to adopt their culture. Most of the time I like to travel hills as it helps me to relax and enjoy our nature beauty. For being a good therapist and to deal with all the difficulties I always prefer to be good listener and have good patience that is what my strength is. I also work as a social worker and the Founder of thesocialphysiofitnessclub and PHYSIO FIT INDIA. In last I just want to say that " I believe that physical therapy is not just a therapy but actually a remedy which not only make you physically fit but also adds happiness, joy and more days to your life." So don't just sit and thought now it's time to stand and work on yourself.

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