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MPT Preparation MCQs | BIO MECHANICS CONDITIONS is designed to provide practice for students preparing to take the National Physical Therapy Exam MCQs follow physiofitindia Medical preparation and practice MPT Entrance exam, AIIMS Entrance

21.➤➤ When the muscle is relaxed what is the length of each sarcomere unit is
___ m
a. 2
b. 2.5
c. 3
d. 1.5

22.➤➤ What is the minimum time required for a nerve impulse to travel through a reflex
arc is ______ ms
a. 20 ms
b. 15 ms
c. 30 ms
d. 25 ms

23.➤➤ Energy requirement to lower a load quickly than slowly is
a. Lesser
b. More
c. Same
d. None of the above

24.➤➤ Quadriceps femoris shows peak force at
a. Outer range
b. Inner range
c. Mid range

d. Through out the range muscle force same
25.➤➤ Delayed onset muscle soreness is most severe at
a. 5-10 hours
b. 10 – 30 hours
c. 30 – 45 hours
d. 45 – 60 hours

26.➤➤ During clinical ligament stress test the stresses that produce strains in the
__ applied by an evaluator.
a. Linear elastic region
b. Toe region
c. Plastic region
d. Yield stress region

27.➤➤ At slow speed injury the failure of ligament results in
a. Ligament disruption
b. Avulsion
c. Complete tear
d. Mild tear

28.➤➤ The ductility of dense collagen tissue increased when temperature increased up to
a. 350 C
b. 400 C
c. 450 C
d. 420 C

29.➤➤ Repaired tendons which are immobilized for 3 weeks are ____
than tendons immediately after suture
a. Stronger
b. No
c. Less stronger
d. None of the above

30.➤➤ A small carrying angle means there is a risk of___________
a. Inferior dislocation
b. Posterior dislocation
c. Superior dislocation
d. Anterior dislocation

21-B , 22-C , 23-A , 24-C , 25-D , 26-B , 27-B , 28-B , 29-B , 30-C

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Dr .Lalit Choudhary
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