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The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” EXERCISE THERAPY CONDITIONS MPT PREPARATION MCQs Multiple Choice Questions Quiz and all EXERCISE THERAPY related topics, 

.Double pulley rope is used to support heavy body part it becomes .
(A) Difficult to elevate the part by lifting the wooden cleat up
(B) Possible to do 3-d movements
(C)Easy to elevate the part by pulling the wooden cleat down
(D) Non of the above .

.Vertical suspension is used for____________. .
(A) Relaxation
(B) Strengthening
(C) Stretching
(D) Proximal fixation .

. Pulley rope in suspension therapy is used to __. .
(A) Elevate the part from the supporting surface
(B) Permits 3d pattern of movements
(C) Allow frictionless to and movements
(D) All of the above.

.Choose the correct statement .
(A) Physiological cost of concentric muscle work is greater than eccentric
(B) Physiological cost of static muscle work is greater than concentric
(C) Physiological cost of eccentric muscle work is greater than concentric
(D) Physiological cost of isometric muscle work is greater than eccentric.

. . Which of the following statements is true regarding muscle strengthening? .
(A) Increase & decrease in speed of movement is a progression of concentric work
(B) Increase in speed of movement is a progression of eccentric work
(C) Decrease in speed of movement is a progression of static work
(D) all of the above.

Frenkel exercises are devised to improve co-ordination by use of sight, sound and touch in case of ataxia due to________. .
(A) Cerebellar lesion
(B) Loss of kinesthetic sensation
(C) Spastic paralysis
(D) Flaccid paralysis .

. Progression of Frenkel exercises is made by alteration of ______________. .
(A) Speed- quick to slow
(B) Range- wider to smaller
(C) Complexity of exercises
(D) All of the
above .

. For the recovering muscles _____________. .
(A) Concentric exercises are given before eccentric
(B) Eccentric exercises are given before concentric
(C) Concentric and eccentric exercises are given together
(D) Eccentric exercises are given before static .

. PNF was developed by________. .
(A) Kabat & Knott
(B) Knot & Voss
(C) Car & Shepherd
(D) Dardiner & Hollis .

. Which of the following PNF techniques is used in Cerebellar ataxia?
(A) Repeated contraction
(B) Hold & relax
(C) Rhythmic initiation
(D) Rhythmic stabilization .

.Rhythmic Initiation technique is used for ______________. .
(A) Tightness
(B) Flaccid paralysis
(C) Cerebellar ataxia
(D) Parkinsonism .

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