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MCQs For Masters Of Physiotherapy- S (1)

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MCQs For Masters of Physiotherapy- S (1) Suraj Kumar mcqs book pdf free. We are starting a new practice mode session for enhance our basics quickly learn and MPT Preparation for latest update about Practice mode so follow physiofitindia with Gmail – its available on website after scrolling site download mcqs for master in physiotherapy entrance examination pdf.

All MCQs of suraj kumar available here with series of suraj kumar MCQs and practice mode

MCQs For Masters Of Physiotherapy- S (1)

🔰Q 1. Which type of joint is 5th carpometacarpal?
A. Pivot B. Plane C. Ball socket D. Saddle
Ans.✅ (D) It has two degrees of freedom. Metacarpals produce a mobile transverse arch at the level of metacarpal head.

🔰Q 2. MCP flexion range in index finger is: A. 110° B. 90° C. 95° D. 100°
Ans.✅ (B) Range of MCP flexion increases ulnarly. For little finger flexion is 110°.

🔰Q 3. The most common site of ivory ostema (compact osteoma) is: A. Pelvis B. Mandible C. Skull D. Vertebrae
Ans.✅ (C) Osteomal are benign outgrowths of bone found mainly on the bones of the skull.

🔰Q 4. Dupuytren’s contracture is fibrosis of: A. Palmar fascia B. Sartorius C. Forearm muscle D. None of the above
Ans.✅ (A) Dupuytren’s contracture. is shortening of the palmar fascia and underlying tendons which allow people to flex their fingers.

🔰Q 5. All are predisposing factors of osteogenic sarcoma, except: A. Paget’s disease of bone B. Radiation C. Viral infection D. Bone infarction
Ans.✅ (C) Radiation, paget’s disease of bone, bone infarction all are the risk factors of osteogenic sarcoma. Viral infection is not a risk factor.

🔰Q 6. Adson’s test is performed in: A. Scalenus anticus syndrome B. Cervical rib C. Both of these D. None of these
Ans.✅ (A) Adson’s test is a provocative test for thoracic outlet syndrome accompanied by compression of subclavian artery by 3 cervical rib or tightened anterior and middle scalene muscles.

🔰Q 7. The primary defect in flat foot is the following: A. Weakness of short palmar ligament B. Collapse at lateral longitudinal arch C. Collapse of medial longitudinal arch D. Shortening of plantar aponeurosis.
Ans.✅ (C) Medial longitudinal arch is higher than the lateral longitudinal arch. So the collapse of medial longitudinal arch cause pes planus (flat foot).

🔰Q 8. Femoral retroversion leads to: A. Toe-in gait B. Toe-out gait C. Circumduction gait D. Genu recurvatum
Ans.✅ (B) Femoral retroversion producs lateral rotation of the femur and thus alters the knee joint axis. This will lead to a ‘toe-out’ gait.

🔰Q 9. During bilateral stance, shifting of the pelvis to the right side will result in: A. Left side pelvis drop B. Left side pelvic hike C. Right pelvic drop D. All the above
Ans.✅ (A) Because, the right hip will adducted and the left hip will be abducted.

🔰Q 10. All the following are causes of coxa-vara except: A. Malunion of trochanteric fracture B. Congenital C. Rickets and osteomalacia D. Dislocation of hip
Ans.✅ (D) The normal neck shaft angle in a femur is 160° at birth decreasing to about 125° in adult life. An angle less than 120° is called coxa vara. Dislocation does not cause cause coxa vara.

MCQs For Masters Of Physiotherapy- S (1)

MCQs For Masters Of Physiotherapy- S (1)

🔰Q 11. A building contractor suddenly complains of lower backache which increases on bending down he has:
A. Renal colic B. Tuberculosis of spine C. Disc prolapsed D. Fibrositis
Ans.✅ (C) During bending down there is more pressure exert on the back and compresses the nerve and pain get worsen when you make movement.

🔰Q 12. Fat embolism is commonly due to:
A. Fracture femur B. Fracture both bones of forearm C. Fracture calcaneum D. Crush injury of foot
Ans.✅ (A) It is a complication of fracture in long bones, such as femur.

🔰Q 13. The most common nerve involved in Volkamann’s ischemia contracture of forearm includes:
A. Radial B. Ulnar C. Median D. Posterior interosseous
Ans.✅ (C) Volkmann’s ischemic contracture results from acute than the femoral trochlear surface isch emia of muscles fibers of the flexor group of muscle of the forearm which nerve supply is median.

🔰Q 14. Commonest type of shoulder dislocation:
A. Subcoracoid B. Subglenoid C. Posterior D. Subclavicular
Ans.✅ (B) Capsular ligament is least supported inferiorly where dislocation are common called subglenoid dislocation.

🔰Q 15. Avascular necrosis of bone is most common in:
A. Scapula B. Scaphoid C. Calcaneus D. Cervical spine
Ans.✅ (B) Avascular necrosis is common complication of a scaphoid fracture. Since the scaphoid blood supply comes from two different vascular branches of the radial artery, fracture can limit access to blood supply.

MCQs For Masters Of Physiotherapy- S (1)

🔰Q 16. Tennis elbow is:
A. Olecranon bursitis B. Pain over the medial epicondyle C. Pain over the lateral epicondyle D. Myositis ossificans.
Ans.✅ (C) Tennis elbow is also called lateral epicondylitis. It can be caused by repetitive wrist and arm motion which is usually seen in tennis players.

🔰Q 17. Finkelstein’s test is associated with:
A. De Quervain’s disease B. Dupyfrein’s contracture C. Carpal tunnel syndrome D. Any of the above
Ans.✅ (A) This test is used to diagnose De Quervain’s disease disease in people who have wrist pain.

🔰Q 18. Coxa vara is found in: A. Perthe’s disease B. Tuberculosis C. Rickets D. Rheumatoid arthritis
Ans.✅ (A) Coxa vara is a deformity of the hip where the angle between the head and shaft of femur is reduced to less than 120° that usually seen in Perthe’s disease which is a rare childhood condition that affected hip.

🔰Q 19. The most common site at disc prolapse is:
A. 1,2-L3 B. L3-1_,4 C. L4 L5 D. 1,5-S,
Ans.✅ (C) The majority of spinal disc herniation occurs in the lumbar spine at L4-L5.

🔰Q 20. Which statement is false?
A. Bone density decreases about 2% after 50 years B. Trabecular becomes thin after 50 years C. Trauma leads to fracture of femus D. Cartilage does not involve in osteoarthrosis
Ans.✅ (D) In osteoarthrosis, there is deterioration of the articular cartilage and subsequent changes in the articular tissue.

MCQs For Masters Of Physiotherapy- S (1)

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