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NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS MCQs questions with Answers for Medical preparation and enhance their knowledge and needs to practice MCQs tests- MPT Entrance exam,AIIMS Entrance

  1. 1. Erb’s palsy affects
    a. Lumbar plexus
    b. Sacral plexus
    c. Brachial plexus
    d. Cranial nerves.
  2. 2. Pain sensation is carried by
    a. Medial spinothalamic tract
    b. Lateral spinothalamic tract
    c. Posterior column
    d. Anterior column
  3. 3. Proprioceptive sensation ascend in spinal cord through
    a. Posterior column
    b. Lateral column
    c. Anterior column
    d. Antero lateral column
  4. 4. Boca’s area of brain is for
    a. Speech
    b. Hearing
    c. Locomotion
    d. Vision
  5. 5. Bell’s palsy occurs when the injury is
    a. Above pons
    b. Below pons
    c. At zygo mastoid foramen
    d. None of the above
  6. 6. Dorsal spino-cerebellar tract relays afferent information from muscle spindles
    from which part of body?
    a. Upper region
    b. Lower region
    c. Trunk
    d. None of the above.
  7. 7. Which lesion of motor cortex has poorest prognosis
    a. Primary cortex
    b. Pre motor cortex
    c. Internal capsule
    d. Supplementary motor cortex.
  8. 8. Primary motor cotex area 4 lesion causes paralysis of
    a. Contralateral spastic paralysis Upper limb
    b. Ipsilateral spastic paralysis Lower limb
    c. Contralateral upper limb, upper limb, face.
    d. None of the above
  9. 9. Premotor area (area 6) lesion result in
    a. Slowing of movement
    b. Hypertonia
    c. Inability to develop appropriate movement
    d. a & c
  10. 10. Appreciation of localization of light touch is lost when there is injury of
    a. Thalamus
    b. Brainstem
    b. Sensory cortex
    c. Peripheral nerve

1-C , 2-B , 3-A , 4-A , 5-C , 6-A , 7-C , 8-C , 9-D , 10-C

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