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The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” MCQs | ORTHOPAEDIC CONDITIONS CONDITIONS

11. Head of the humerus measures almost half a sphere with an angular value__________

a. 180
b. 160
c. 150
d. 120

  1. 12.Neck shaft angle of humerus is ________
    a. 45 degrees
    b. 60 degrees
    c. 90 degrees
    d. 120 degrees
  2. 13. At rest scapula makes an angle of about __ with the frontal plane.
    a. 15 degrees
    b. 30 degrees
    c. 45 degrees
    d. 60 degrees
  3. 14. Scapulo clavicular angle at rest is about __
    a. 30 degrees
    b. 45 degrees
    c. 60 degrees
    d. 90 degrees
  4. 15. Root of spine of scapula corresponds to ___
    a. T2.
    b. T3
    c. T5
    d. T7
  5. 16. Glenohumeral joint capsule is laxed to allow mobility. The head of the humerus
    can be detracted laterally about ____ with the arm by the side
    a. 2 cm
    b. 3cm
    c. 4cm
    d. 5cm
  6. 17.__ checks the downward pull of gravity on the arm by the side
    a. superior joint capsule
    b. rotator cuff
    c. glenohumeral ligasmnet
    d. deltoid
  7. 18.External rotation of gleno humeral joint is checked by _
    a. middle gleno humeral ligament
    b. inferior glenohumeral ligament
    c. anterior coracohumeral ligament
    d. posterior coracohumeral ligament
  8. 19.Trapezoid ligament of acromio clavicular joint checks __________
    a. medical movement of clavicle
    b. lateral movement of clavicle
    c. downward movement
    d. upward movement.
  9. 20.__ rotates the clavicle backward during elevation
    a. upper trapezius
    b. trapezoid ligament
    c. conoid ligament
    d. deltoid.

11-C , 12-A , 13-B , 14-C , 15-B , 16-A , 17-A , 18-A , 19-B , 20-C

Reference P. P. Mohanty PHYSIOTHERAPY SECRETS Multiple Choice Questions

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