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The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” MCQs | ORTHOPAEDIC CONDITIONS CONDITIONS

21. Elevation of medial end of clavicle at sternoclavicular joint is checked by___________

a. anterior costo clavicular ligament
b. posterior costo clavicualr ligament
c. superior costo clavicular ligament
d. inferior costo clavicular ligament

  1. 22. __ bursa often communicates with the shoulder joint
    a. subacromial bursa
    b. subscapular bursa
    c. subdeltoid bursa
    d. none
  2. 23. In kyphotic posture _ is responsible for the stability of glenohumeral
    joint with the arm by the side
    a. tension of superior gleno humeral capsule
    b. coracohumeral ligament
    c. rotator cuff
    d. deltoid
  3. 24. _____ is the closed pack position of shoulder joint.
    a. Abduction & External rotation
    b. Flexion and external rotation
    c. Horizontal abduction and external rotation
    d. None
  4. 25. Resting position of gleno humeral joint is __
    a. 30 degrees of abduction and 30 degrees of flexion and some external rotation
    b. 60 degrees of abduction and 30 degrees of horizontal abduction
    c. 45 degrees of abduction and 30 degrees of flexion and some internal rotation
    d. 30 degrees of abduction and 60 degrees of horizontal abduction
  5. 26. Capsular pattern of shoulder joint is
    a. restriction of lateral rotation
    b. restriction of rotation and flexion
    c. restriction of external rotation and abduction
    d. decrease of external rotation
  6. 27. The commonest structures impinged is __
    a. infraspinatus
    b. supraspinatus
    c. long head of biceps
    d. subacromial bursa
  7. 28. Physiotherapy for shoulder impingement syndrome includes_____.
    a. restoration of shoulder external rotation and scapular rotation
    b. balancing deltoid-ratator cuff and trapezius-serratus anterior force couples
    c. managing ACJ degenerative arthritis
    d. all of the above
  8. 29.Locking position of shoulder joint is
    a. flexion, abduction and internal rotation
    b. external rotation, abduction & internal rotation
    c. extension, abduction, external rotation
    d. flexion, abduction, external rotation.
  9. 30.Drop arm test indicates __
    a. weakness of deltoid
    b. rupture of suprasinatus
    c. positive painful arc
    d. none

21-B , 22-B , 23-C , 24-C , 25-B , 26-C , 27-B , 28-D , 29-B , 30-B

Reference P. P. Mohanty

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