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Mobility & Balance Performance Evaluation Tests

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🔰Mobility is the ability to perform a joint action through a series of movements. There are two groups of muscles at work in every movement: The protagonist muscles, which make the movement happen, and the opposing muscles, which determine the degree of mobility and balance, are the antagonist muscles.

If athletes are to learn and utilise effectively the techniques associated with their events and are to avoid injury successfully, they require a good level of mobility. An athlete will find it difficult, if not impossible, to learn a new technique if their mobility is poor. A good level of mobility is also essential for the development of specific conditioning (ie the application of strength or speed in a particular event).

🔰Mobility and balance evaluation tests

🔰Balance is the ability to maintain balance when standing or moving (i.e. not falling over) through the coordinated actions of our sensory functions (sight, hearing and proprioception).

Balance comprises of static balance (the ability to retain the centre of mass above the base of support in a stationary position) and dynamic balance (the ability to maintain balance under changing conditions of body movement).

Mobility and balance evaluation tests

Mobility and Balance Performance Evaluation Tests
Mobility and Balance Performance Evaluation Tests

Mobility and Balance Performance Evaluation Tests

🔰Mobility evaluation tests

The following are examples of mobility tests:
⧭ Modified sit and reach test
⧭ Sit and reach test
⧭ Hip flexion test
⧭ Static flexibility test – ankle
⧭ Static flexibility test – shoulder
⧭ Static flexibility test – shoulder & wrist
⧭ Static flexibility test – trunk & neck

Balance evaluation tests

The following are examples of balance tests:
⧭ Standing stork test
⧭ Standing stork test – blind.

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