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Neurology MCQs cerebral / polyneuropathy -6

The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” MCQs | NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS CONDITIONS

  1. Parietal cerebral tumor cause
    πŸ…. Progressive dementia
    πŸ…‘. Contra lateral hemiplegia
    πŸ…’. Falling away of contra lateral outstretched hand
    πŸ…“. Epilepsy with aphasia
  2. Apraxia is a result of lesion in
    πŸ…. Frontal lobe
    πŸ…‘. Parietal lobe
    πŸ…’. Occipital lobe
    πŸ…“. Internal capsule
  3. An uniform resistance at all points of range during relaxed passive movement is known as
    πŸ…. Clasp knife
    πŸ…‘. Lead pipe
    πŸ…’. Cog wheel
    πŸ…“. All of the above
  4. The physiological basis of spasticity is
    πŸ…. Increased fusimotor innervation by dynamic gamma motor neuron
    πŸ…‘. Decreased presynaptic inhibition
    πŸ…’. Loss of reciprocal innervation and recurrent inhibition
    πŸ…“. a& b
    e. a,b&c
  5. The dyskinesia which resembles fragments of purposive movement is
    πŸ…. Dystonia
    πŸ…‘. Chorea
    πŸ…’. Hemiballismus
    πŸ…“. Athetosis
  6. Fasciculation is not found in
    πŸ…. Cervical myelopathy
    πŸ…‘. Syringomyelia
    πŸ…’. Stroke
    πŸ…“. Intervertibral disc protrusion
  7. A cerebral cortical lesion usually causes
    πŸ…. Monoplegia
    πŸ…‘. Hemiplegia
    πŸ…’. Quadriplegia
    πŸ…“. Crossed hemiplegia
  8. Which one among the following is true for polyneuropathy?
    πŸ…. Asymmetrical loss of reflex
    πŸ…‘. Distal tendon reflexes affected before proximal
    πŸ…’. All reflexes are diminished
    πŸ…“. All reflexes are lost
  9. Oppenheim’s reflex is
    πŸ…. Extension of great toe with firm moving pressure on the skin over tibia
    πŸ…‘. Stroking on inner border elicits flexor response
    πŸ…’. Stroking outer border of sole elicits ankle dorsi flexion
    πŸ…“. None of the above
  10. Dissosiated sensory loss is found in
    πŸ…. Polyneuropathy
    πŸ…‘. Lateral spinal cord lesion
    πŸ…’. Central spinal cord lesion
    πŸ…“. Spinothalamic tract lesion

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Reference P. P. Mohanty PHYSIOTHERAPY SECRETS Multiple Choice Questions

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