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Neurology MCQs Nerve palsy MPT Preparation -8

Neurology MCQs Nerve palsy MPT Preparation -8 post thumbnail

The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” MCQs | NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS CONDITIONS

Neurology MCQs Nerve palsy

Nerve palsy
  1. Sixth nerve palsy can cause
    πŸ…. Squint
    πŸ…‘. Diplopia
    πŸ…’. Blindness
    πŸ…“. Ptosis
  2. Rythmic oscillation of the eye is————.
    πŸ…. Strabismus
    πŸ…‘. Opthalmoplegia
    πŸ…’. Nystagmus
    πŸ…“. None of the above
  3. Emotional movement spaired with lower part of the face more affected when 7th cranial nerve is injured at
    πŸ…. Pons
    πŸ…‘. Above pons
    πŸ…’. Cerebellopontine angle
    πŸ…“. Facial canal
  4. Crocodile tear is feature of—————— cranial nerve palsy.
    πŸ…. 2nd
    πŸ…‘. 3rd
    πŸ…’. 6th
    πŸ…“. 7th
  5. Which type of current is used usually in Bell’s palsy?
    πŸ…. Faradic type
    πŸ…‘. Interrupted galvanic
    πŸ…’. Russian
    πŸ…“. Tens
  6. Climbing up stairs need adequate
    πŸ…. Gluteus maximus power in stable limb
    πŸ…‘. Abductor power in advancing limb
    πŸ…’. Gluteus maximus and glueus medius power in stable limb
    πŸ…“. Gluteus maximum and gluetus medius power in advancing limb
  7. The first superficial reflex to recover following SCI is _
    πŸ…. Bulbocavernous
    πŸ…‘. Anal
    πŸ…’. Cremastric
    πŸ…“. Abdominal
  8. Crede maneuver is when there is
    πŸ…. Automatic bladder
    πŸ…‘. Autonomous bladder
    πŸ…‘. Detrusor sphincter
    πŸ…’. Flacid sphincter and spastic detrusor
  9. Stroking across lateral border of ankle joint and upto the lateral border of foot elicits
    πŸ…. Chaddock
    πŸ…‘. Gordon
    πŸ…’. Oppenheiem
    πŸ…“. Babinski
  10. Removal of somato sensory (SII) will cause————–.
    πŸ…. Impairment of postural sense
    πŸ…‘. impairment of perception of shape of object.
    πŸ…’. Impairment of perception of both shape and texture of object
    πŸ…“. Impairment of perception of texture

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