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250+Neurology MCQs Physiotherapy MCQs|MPT Preparation Practice Mode

This Physio Fit India Post contains more than 250+Neurological conditions Physiotherapy MCQs MPT Preparation MCQs/Quiz Practice Mode like Medical,Railway,University,GNDU UG & PG exams 2021Physiotherapy MCQs exams PP Mohanty Book

As an academician the latest trends in the examination system of medical students has always been a fascinating study. Hence I have been following the advent of MCQs & Quiz into the medical examination system with great interest

Multiple choice questions have evolved from a stage of studied disdain to grudging acceptance to a stage where they have become ubiquitous. Their value in objective testing of the student’s grasp of the subject has been widely acknowledged by academicians the world over. So it is not surprising to see that they are now so entrenched in the system that the Undergraduate medical student become familiar with them from his first year itself and is rid of them only after his super-speciality days are over.šŸ‘‡

As it has always been my endeavour to help students learn the fascinating subject of Neurological conditions from all angles. I scoured the various Websites available for MCQs & QUIZ in  Neurological conditions MPT preparation , but the dearth of a single, authentic question bank for MCQs was so glaring that it prodded me to bring out the first Webiste PHYSIOFITINDIA on google of “A Quiz mode Question Bank of Multiple Choice Questions in 250+ Neurological conditions MPT preparation Multiple Choice Questions Physiotherapy MCQs

MPT Preparation Quiz

you’ll have 30 second to answer each question Multiple Choice Questions MPT Preparation Quiz .Each correct answer carries one mark .There is no negative marking for Multiple Choice Questions. .

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250+Neurology Physiotherapy MCQs MPT preparation Multiple Choice Questions Physiotherapy Quiz

  The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in “Neurological MPT preparation and all physiotherapy related subjects, 

This website is aimed to satisfy the needs of not only the Undergraduates preparing for their Neurological Paper or their PG Entrance Exam, but also the Post-graduates who are preparing for their exams

The purpose of this Practice mode Quiz would have been achieved if it kindle in the students an abiding interest in 50+Neurology Physiotherapy MCQs

Reference P. P. Mohanty

Dr .Lalit Choudhary
Hii everyone, I'm Dr Lalit Choudhary PT. Born and brought up in delhi. Practicing as a professional PHYSIOTHERAPIST. As a therapist I love to interact with others and and get myself updated regarding all the social issues which are leading my countrymen to distress themselves. Yes, I agree that Iam a workaholic but my work gives me immense pleasure but there are sometimes when I feel stressed up so to relax myself I travel to new places, meet new people and try to adopt their culture. Most of the time I like to travel hills as it helps me to relax and enjoy our nature beauty. For being a good therapist and to deal with all the diļ¬ƒculties I always prefer to be good listener and have good patience that is what my strength is. I also work as a social worker and the Founder of thesocialphysioļ¬tnessclub and PHYSIO FIT INDIA. In last I just want to say that " I believe that physical therapy is not just a therapy but actually a remedy which not only make you physically ļ¬t but also adds happiness, joy and more days to your life." So don't just sit and thought now it's time to stand and work on yourself.

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