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Orthopedic MCQs MCP joint -7

The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” Physiotherapy MCQs Orthopedic MCQs MPT Preparation

  1. The capsule, collateral ligaments, & accessory collateral ligaments of he MCP joints are taut in its close packed position which is the closed packed position of MCP joint?
    πŸ…. 40 degree of flexion
    πŸ…‘. maximum flexion
    πŸ…’. neutral
    πŸ…“. hyper extension
  2. Hyperextension at IP joint of finger is checked by
    πŸ…. volar plate
    πŸ…‘. PDS
    πŸ…’. Tension of the skin
    πŸ…“. Collateral ligament
  3. Inflammation of sheath of the_____ tendons within the sheath is referred as Dequervein’s disease.
    πŸ…. FPL & FPB
    πŸ…‘. ERL & EPB
    πŸ…’. Abd pollicis longus & abductor pollicis brevis
    πŸ…“. Abductor pollicis longus & extensor pollicis brevis
  4. The space between & is referred to as Noman’s land.
    πŸ…. PIP joint & DIP joint
    πŸ…‘. MCP joint & PIP joint
    πŸ…’. MCP joint & DIP joint
    πŸ…“. Wrist joint to MCP joint
  5. Close packed position for the wrist is _
    πŸ…. neutral
    πŸ…‘. full Dorsiflexion with radial deviation
    πŸ…’. full flexion
    πŸ…“. 45 degrees of dorsiflexion with ulnar deviation
  6. The transverse metacarpal arch increases with
    πŸ…. clenched fist
    πŸ…‘. opening the fist
    πŸ…’. thumb opposition
    πŸ…“. none
  7. During wrist extension _
    πŸ…. distal carpals glides palmarly
    πŸ…‘. proximal carpals glides palmarly
    πŸ…’. proximal carpal glide dorsally
    πŸ…“. proximal carpals supinates on radius
  8. The capsular pattern of wrist joint is ____
    πŸ…. more limitation of wrist extension than flexion
    πŸ…‘. equal limitation of wrist extension and flexion
    πŸ…’. more limitation of wrist flexion than extension
    πŸ…“. more limitation of ulnar deviation than radial deviation
  9. The resting position for wrist is _
    πŸ…. 30 degrees of extension with radial deviation
    πŸ…‘. 30 degrees of extension with neutral deviation
    πŸ…’. neutral extension with slight ulnar deviation
    πŸ…“. 10 degrees of flexion
  10. Component motion of MCP joint flexion include _
  11. πŸ…. dorsal gliding, pronation, ulnar deviation and distraction of base of proximal phalanx.
  12. πŸ…‘. Palmar gliding, supination, ulnar deviation and approximation of base of proximal phalanx on metacarpal
  13. πŸ…’. Dorsal gliding, supination, ulnar deviation and approximation of base of proximal phalanx.
  14. πŸ…“. Palmar gliding, pronation, radial deviation and distraction of base of proximal phalanx.

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