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Orthopedic MCQs MPT Preparation -10

Orthopedic MCQs MPT Preparation -10 post thumbnail

The questions have been so segregated that they are arranged in various types of quiz corresponding to the various topics in ” Physiotherapy MCQs Orthopedic MCQs MPT Preparation

Orthopaedic MCQs
  1. In single leg standing hip joint is subjected to load equal to __
    πŸ…. 1/3rd of body weight
    πŸ…‘. body weight
    πŸ…’. 2 times of body weight
    πŸ…“. 3 times of body weight
  2. In case of LLD _____ side bears more load
    πŸ…. shorter
    πŸ…‘. longer
    πŸ…’. both sides bears equal load
    πŸ…“. none
  3. In case of coxa vara __ side is prone to develop degenerative arthritis a
    πŸ…. affected
    πŸ…‘. unaffected
    πŸ…’. both
    πŸ…“. none of the above.
  4. Hip joint is supplied by __ segments
    πŸ…. L1 – L3
    πŸ…‘. L2 – L5
    πŸ…’. L2 – S1
    πŸ…“. L3 – S2.
  5. ____ bursa often communicates with the hip joint
    πŸ…. subtrochantric
    πŸ…‘. ischeal
    πŸ…’. ilio pectineal
    πŸ…“. adductor
  6. In case of hip arthritis patient often complain pain on _ aspect of hip joint
    πŸ…. anterior
    πŸ…‘. posterior
    πŸ…’. lateral
    πŸ…“. medial
  7. Lateral hip pain is the characteristic feature of ___
    πŸ…. sciatica
    πŸ…‘. trochanteric bursitis
    πŸ…’. IT friction syndrome
    πŸ…“. Hip arthritis
  8. Pain in the buttock is suggestive of pain of _ origin
    πŸ…. lumbar spine
    πŸ…‘. hip spine
    πŸ…’. piriformis
    πŸ…“. trochanteric
  9. The characteristic features of slipped capital femoral epiphysis are _.
    πŸ…. limitation of abduction and internal rotation, femur rolls into abduction and external rotation during flexion and shortening.
    πŸ…‘. limitation of flexion, abduction and internal rotation and shortening.
    πŸ…’. limitation of flexion and internal rotation, femur rolls into abduction and external rotation during flexion and lengthening
    πŸ…“. limitation of flexion, abduction and internal rotation and slengthening
  10. .Slipped capital femoral epiphysis occurs at _ age
    1. πŸ…. birth
    2. πŸ…‘. 5 – 10 years
    3. πŸ…’. 11 – 15 years
    4. πŸ…“. 16 – 20 years

Answer Sheet of physiotherapy MCQs – Click Orthopaedic MCQs

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