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Physiotherapy at Home available Delhi NCR

Physiotherapy at home available Delhi NCR {Physio fit India} provide complete solution for your any Musculoskeletal, Sports, Orthopedic, Cardio-Pulmonary, or neurological conditions or injuries. We provide physical therapist specialized in their work at the convenience of your home.”
Dr Lalit Choudhary
Sports physiotherapist
Physio Fit India
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online Physiotherapy

Providing online Physiotherapy sessions at the comfort of your home. Guided Physiotherapy session provided by an expert.

  • Specialists for ————————–
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Orthopedic physiotherapy,
  • Neurological physiotherapy
  • Stroke physiotherapy
  • Post operative physiotherapy,
  • Pulmonary physiotherapy
  • Prenatal physiotherapy and Postnatal physiotherapy
  • Qualified, highly skilled and experienced medical practitioners
  • Musculoskeletal, Sports, Orthopedic, Cardio-Pulmonary, or neurological conditions or injuries

Corporate Wellness

Assisting corporates to design customised programs for the well being of their employees to improve their productivity.


PhysioFitIndia has tied up with some of the best physiotherapists in Delhi and NCR specialising in varied branches of physiotherapy. Some of the prominent physiotherapists in Delhi associated with PhysioFitIndia are;

    Careers at PhysioFitIndia

    PhysioFitIndia is committed to clinical excellence through nurturing talent and providing world class Physiotherapy Services. We accept as true with that a content employee is high in commitment, motivation and can provide best patient care. We provide an environment that encourages the expert and personal growth.

    If you are passionate about caring for people and want to excel in the clinical field then PhysioFitindia Healthcare is an  perfect place for you.

    We pleasure ourselves for fostering an environment of clinical excellence, following world class requirements and lecturers  & research. You will experience:-

    Dr .Lalit Choudhary
    Hii everyone, I'm Dr Lalit Choudhary PT. Born and brought up in delhi. Practicing as a professional PHYSIOTHERAPIST. As a therapist I love to interact with others and and get myself updated regarding all the social issues which are leading my countrymen to distress themselves. Yes, I agree that Iam a workaholic but my work gives me immense pleasure but there are sometimes when I feel stressed up so to relax myself I travel to new places, meet new people and try to adopt their culture. Most of the time I like to travel hills as it helps me to relax and enjoy our nature beauty. For being a good therapist and to deal with all the difficulties I always prefer to be good listener and have good patience that is what my strength is. I also work as a social worker and the Founder of thesocialphysiofitnessclub and PHYSIO FIT INDIA. In last I just want to say that " I believe that physical therapy is not just a therapy but actually a remedy which not only make you physically fit but also adds happiness, joy and more days to your life." So don't just sit and thought now it's time to stand and work on yourself.

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