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Physiotherapy MCQs and Answer Suraj kumar (s-2.1)

Physiotherapy MCQs and Answer Suraj kumar (s-2.1) MPT preparation 50+ questions . This Website PhysioFitindia contains more than 10000+ questions and covers all the portions pertaining to all the universities in India. Suraj kumar book Physiotherapy MCQs seriers Free with Answer. The Website was collected lots of physiotherapy based on various entrance and competitive examinations. Apart from the answers, it was given with proper explanations and photographic shreds of evidence were imprinted. This book focuses on students, teachers, and exam aspirants. MCQ IN PHYSIOTHERAPY WITH EXPLANATORY ANSWERS. Quiz Practice Mode

Suraj kumar book Physiotherapy MCQs seriers Free with Answer

Physiotherapy MCQs and Answer Suraj kumar (s-2.1) Physiotherapy MCQs and Answer Suraj kumar (s-1) – (

Suraj kumar physiotherapy MCQs

Physiotherapy MCQs and Answer Suraj kumar (s-2.1)

Physiotherapy MCQs and Answer Suraj kumar (s-2.1)
Physiotherapy MCQs and Answer Suraj kumar (s-2.1)

🔰Q 1. Which of the following fracture are best managed by closed means? (AIIMS May 2012)
A. Fracture both means forearm in adults B. Colles fracture C. Monteggia fracture D. Galeazzi fracture
Ans.✅ (B) Colles fracture all other fractures require open reduction and internal fixation for anatomical alignment and rigid in mobilization

🔰Q 2. Avulsion fracture of the anterior inferior iliac spine is because of the violent contraction of the:
A. Psoas major B. Straight head of rectus femoris C. Sartorius D. Pectineus
Ans.✅ (B) The straight head of rectus femoris tendon takes its origin from the anterior inferior iliac spine. Sometimes due to violent contraction of this muscle, spine may be pulled off and the fracture unites quickly in 3 — 4 weeks.

🔰Q 3. In which of the following injuries around the hip is there true lengthening of the concerned lower limb? (AIIMS Nov 2010)
A. Extracapsular fracture femur B. Lateral dislocation of hip C. Anterior dislocation of hip D. Intracapsular fracture femur
Ans.✅ (C) Anterior dislocations of hip is a rare injury sustained when the lower limbs are forcibly abducted and externally rotated. Clinically the limb is in an attitude of external rotation. There may be true lengthening.

🔰Q 4. Hypovolemia is a serious problem with long bone fracture. What is the average blood loss following fracture shaft of femur? (AIPG 2012)
A. 1,000-1,500 mL B. 500 mL C. No blood loss at all D. 3,000-3,500 mL
Ans.✅ (A) Average blood loss in fracture of femur would be 1,000-1500 mL in fracture of pelvis the blood loss would be around 1,500-2,000 mL.

🔰Q 5. Which of the following fracture in known as Rolando’s fracture? (AIIMS May 2010)
A. Fracture base of 5th metacarpal B. Fracture of ulnar styloid C. Comminuted intra-articular fracture of base of first metacarpal D. Fracture neck of second metatarsal
Ans.✅ (C) Rolando’s fracture is the comminuted in the intra-articular fracture of base of first metacarpal.

🔰Q 6. Pure dislocation does not occur in the lumbar spine because:
A. The bodies of the lumbar vertebrae are stout B. The facets of the lumbar vertebrae are stout and vertically placed C. The ligamentum flavum in the lumbar region is well developed D.The disc in the lumbar regions is so thick it does not allow the bone
Ans.✅ (B) Because the vertically placed facet prevent any horizontal movement.

🔰Q 7. Joint between manubrium and body of sternum belongs to the variety of:
A. Syndesmosis B. Synchondrosis C. Symphysis D. Plane synovial
Ans.✅ (C) The joint between manubrium and body of sternum is in the median plane of the body and allows limited movements. It is secondary cartilaginous joint called symphysis.

🔰Q 8. Bilateral genu valgum is:
A. Symmetrical postural deviation B. Symmetrical asymmetrical C. Asymmetrical postural deviation D. None
Ans.✅ (A) Bilateral genu valgum is symmetrical postural deviation.

🔰Q 9. Dowager’s hump is a kyphosis condition that is found most often in:
A. Children B. Sedentary males C. Young women D. Post menopausal osteoporosis
Ans.✅ (D) It is found most often in postmenopausal women who have osteoporosis. The anterior aspect of the bodies of series of urethral collapses and leads to an increase in the posterior convexity of thoracic arc (the hump).

🔰Q 10. muscle is described as flexors, stabilizers, and extensors of lumbar spine.
A. Rectus abdominis B. Spinalis capitis D C. Longissimos D. Psoas major
Ans.✅ (D) When spine is in flexed position, the Psoas cross anterior to the axis of rotation of lumbar intervertebral joints. Muscle has flexors movement and concentric contraction produce flexors.

Physiotherapy MCQs and Answer Suraj kumar (s-2.1)

🔰Q 11. The IR lamp is positioned at a distance of: A. 20 cm B. 100 cm C. 45,050 cm D. None of the above
Ans.✅ (D) None of the above. The IR lamp is positioned at a distance of 50-75 cm.

🔰Q 12. Which carpal bone fracture is more common?
A. Scaphoid B. Lunate C. Hammate D. Pisiform
Ans.✅ (A) Over 80% of carpal fracture involve the scaphoid The scaphoid is located most radially. The scaphoid links the two rows of carpals.

🔰Q 13. The cause of gun stock deformity is: (AIIMS Nov 2012)
A. Supracondylar fracture B. Fracture both bones forearm C. Fracture surgical head of humerus D. Fracture fibula
Ans.✅ (A) The common cause of gun stock’ deformity is supracondylar fracture and the deformity is the result of malunion occurring as a complication of supracondylar fracture.

🔰Q 14. Tardy ulnar nerve palsy occurs as a delay equele of:
A. Supracondylar fracture of humerus B. Posterior dislocation of elbow C. Fracture of lateral condyle of humerus in children D. Fracture of olecranon
Ans.✅ (C) Tardy ulnar nerve palsy occur as a delay consequence of nonunion of lateral condyle in child resulting in cubitus valgus deformity which ultimately is the cause of ulnar nerve palsy.

🔰Q 15. A pilot fracture of tibia is:
A. Intra-articular fracture of distal tibia B. Compound fracture of tibia C. Comminuted fracture of upper tibia D. Intra-articular fracture of upper tibia
Ans.✅ (A) This fracture is also called the plafond fracture.

🔰Q 16. Dislocation of the inferior radioulnar joint and fracture head of radius is known as
A. Monteggia fracture dislocation B. Galeazzi fracture dislocation C. Essex-Lopresti dislocation D. Soprano’s dislocation
Ans.✅ (C) Comminuted fracture of the head of radius with dislocation of inferior radioulnar joint is known as Essex-Lopresti fracture dislocation

🔰Q 17 All the following are techniques for reduction of a (DNB June 2009)
A. Kocher’s maneuver B. Brygant’s maneuver Hi C. Surgical reduction D. Hippocratic maneuver
Ans.✅ (B) Reduction can be surgical or by closed meansredact ch-nique followed now is the Kocher’s method for closed on.

🔰Q 18. Bimalleolar fracture is called:
A. Pott’s fracture B. Massonaives fracture C. Choparts fracture D. Jane’s fracture
Ans.✅ (A) Pott’s fracture is the Bimalleolar ankle fracture.

🔰Q 19. Clutton’s joints refers to which of the following
A. Swollen joints of OA B. Haem arthrosis C. Joint with effusion in congenital syphilis D. Gouty arthritis
Ans.✅ (C) Late manifestation of congenital syphilis, Gluttons joints is a painless synovitis occurring at pbilaterally berty. It most commonly affects the knee and elbow, mostly

🔰Q 20. Earliest sign of Volkman’s ischemic contracture is:
A. Pulselessness B. Pain on passive extension of fingers C. Pallor of distal extremity D. Crepitus
Ans.✅ (B) Pain occurs in the flexor aspect of the forearm when the fingers are extended passively.

Physiotherapy MCQs and Answer Suraj kumar (s-2.1)

Suraj kumar Physiotherapy MCQs seriers Free with Answer

Physiotherapy MCQs and Answer Suraj kumar (s-1) – (

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