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Plasma Proteins Physiology MCQs MPT Preparation Practice mode

l. In Embryo: Mesenchymal cells through a process of secretion or dissolution of their substances, form plasma proteins. First the albumin is synthesized and rest of plasma proteins afterwards.
2. In Adults
(i) Albumin from liver mainly
(ii) Fibrinogen also from the liver
(iii) Globulin from

(a) Tissue macrophages (i.e. reticulo-endothelial cells,) – Liver (specially synthesize a and globulin), spleen and bone marrow.
(b) Plasma cells – These are large, oval and very active cells found in medullary cords of lymphoid follicles and small lymphocytes.
(c) Lymphocytes synthesize y-globulin

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Physiology MCQs Plasma Proteins MPT Preparation Quiz Mode

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Physiology MCQs Plasma Proteins

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