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  1. MCQ | ORTHOPAEDIC MCQs MPT PREPARATION Multiple Choice Questions Quiz and all | ORTHOPAEDIC CONDITIONS related topics, 
  2. 1.The term orthopaedic is derived from Greek words, which means____
    a. Art of preventing and correcting deformities in children
    b. Art of managing fracture and dislocation
    c. Dealing with diseases and injuries of the trunk and limbs
    d. Dealing with diseases and injuries of bones, joints, muscles and ligaments
  3. 2.Green stick fracture is seen in
    a. Adult
    b. Children
    c. At any age
    d. elderly
  4. 3.With fractures of the shaft of long bones, rotation is controlled by _.
    a. Immobilizing the joint close to the fracture site in slight flexion
    b. Immobilizing the joint close to the fracture site in neutral position
    c. Immobilizing the joints above and below it
    d. Surgery
  5. 4.External fixation is used for __.
    a. Fracture with severe soft tissue injury involving skin and blood vessels
    b. unstable fracture
    c. pathological fracture
    d. multiple fractures
  6. 5.Burst fracture is seen in
    a. talus fracture
    b. vertebral fracture
    c. femoral head fracture
    d. scaphoid
  7. 6.Plaster of paris is
    a. hemihydrated calcium sulphate
    b. hemihydrated calcium carbonate
    c. hemihydrated calcium bicarbonate
    d. non of the above
  8. 7.The epiphyseal plate is a barrier to the spread of infection, but if the involved
    metaphyses lie wholly or partly within a joint cavity, the joint is liable become
    infected. Which of the following metaphysic is not intra-capsular?
    a. Upper metaphysis of humerus
    b. Upper and lower metaphyses of femur
    c. All the metaphyses at the elbow
    d. Lower metaphysic of tibia
  9. 8.Ricket is due to deficiency of
    a. Vit A
    b. Vit B
    c. Vit C
    d. Vit D
  10. 9.Brodies abscess is a form of
    a. Acute osteomyelitis
    b. Chronic osteomyelitis.
    c. Tubercular osteomyelitis
    d. Syphilis
  11. 10.Glenoid faces __
    a. Laterally downward,
    b. forward, upward & laterally
    c. backward, downward, outward
    d. forward, downward & medially

1-A , 2-B , 3-C , 4- A , 5-B , 6-A , 7-D , 8-D , 9-B , 10-A

Reference P. P. Mohanty PHYSIOTHERAPY SECRETS Multiple Choice Questions

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