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    ⧭Through this website we are help to brilliant physio who wants to enhance their knowledge and providing latest Physiotherapy Blogs / MCQs / Quiz for Medical and Entrance Preparation

    ⧭Physiotherapy MCQs based on various entrance exams like Medical,Railway,University,GNDU UG & PG exams 2021 MPT Preparation MCQs

    🔰 Entrance Books available in PDF & Questions Answer in MCQs and Practice mode – PP Mohanty / Suraj kumar

    ⧭As an academician the latest trends in the examination system of medical students has always been a fascinating study. Hence I have been following the advent of MCQs & Quiz into the medical examination system with great interest

    ⧭Multiple choice questions have evolved from a stage of studied disdain to grudging acceptance to a stage where they have become ubiquitous. Their value in objective testing of the student’s grasp of the subject has been widely acknowledged by academicians the world over. So it is not surprising to see that they are now so entrenched in the system that the Undergraduate medical student become familiar with them from his first year itself and is rid of them only after his super-speciality days are over.👇

    ⧭As it has always been my endeavour to help students learn the fascinating subject like – Exercise therapy / Electrotherapy / Orthopaedics / Neurological / Cardio-pulmonary / Sports / Physiology . I scoured the various Websites available for MCQs & QUIZ preparation , but the dearth of a single, authentic question bank for MCQs was so glaring that it prodded me to bring out the first Webiste PHYSIOFITINDIA on google of “A Quiz mode Question Bank of Multiple Choice Questions in all medical subjects