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What is Vojta therapy or Reflex Locomotion ?

It was found that gentle pressure on certain points of the muscles used
by babies during locomotion, reproduced the reflex locomotion, in the
form of stabilising dynamic muscle activity, which are the fine involuntary
muscle movements or reflexes, discussed earlier. The research was divided
into two main streams:

a) Neurological evaluation, leading to the development of a methodology
of evaluating child development, its dynamics and major disorders.

b) The concept of the nervous system as an open system endowed
with a basic, phylogenetic make-up, yet capable of receiving various
stimulations, which may affect the functioning of the nervous system,
and have an effect on its anatomical maturation. The reflex locomotion
is the physical representation of the meeting of these two
complimentary aspects.

Vojta suggests that his therapy exercises, which induce the primitive reflexes of a baby, may be imprinted or ‘relearned’ by the central nervous system later in life.

What is vojta therapy and its benifits ?

Dr .Lalit Choudhary
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