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Yoga Alternative medicine MCQs MPT Preparation MCQs

1. Yoga is as old as_________.

a.         2000 years 

b.         3000 years                                            

c.         4000 years

d.         5000 years

2. _______ is said to be the greatest yogi (mahayogi).                          

a.         Pasupatinath

b.         Patanjali

c.         Manu

d.         Budha 

3. Eight- fold yoga-path is laid by___.

a.         Pasupatinath

b.         Patanjali                                                                                                

c.         Manu

d.         Budha  

4. The yogic cleansing practice to cleanse the respiratory tract is known as ____.

a.         Basti

b.         Sasti                                                                              

c.         Neti

d.         Dhanti

5. The asana, which can be done after meals to improve digestion is____.

a.         Bhujangasana

b.         Dhanurasana                                                                 

c.         Trikonasana

d.         Vajrasana

6. The asana that stimulates the Thyroid secretion is____.

a.         Sarvangasana

b.         Uttana padasana                                                                        

c.         Sasankasana

d.         Tadasana

7. Toe touching in long sitting position is —.

a.         Pashchimottanasana

b.         Vajrasana                                                         

c.         Dhanurasana

d.         Bhujangasana 

8.         Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half-twist posture) is useful for stretching ______muscle.

a.         Hamstrings 

b.         Rectus Femoris                                                 

c.         Piriformis

d.         Gastro-soleus

9.         Which Asana flexes the whole body?

a.         Pawan Muktasana 

b.         Bhujangasana                                                  

c.         Dhanurasana

d.         Matsyasana

10.       In close standing, interlace the fingers and stretch them up over head to stand on the toes is known as ——-asana.

a.         Pascimatanasana

b.         Ardha Cakrasana

c.         Tadasana                      

d.         Salabhasana

11.       Suryanamaskar has got ——-steps.

a.         6

b.         10                                 

c.         12                                                                                 

d.         18

12.       Dhanurasana can be used to stretch the —-.

a.         Back extensors

b.         Abdominals                                                      

c.         Back extensors & hip extensors

d.         Abdominals & hip flexors

13.       Paschimottanasana stretches bilateral 

a.         Hamstring

b.         Quadriceps                                                       

c.         Abdominals

d.         Gastrosoleus

14.       Trikonasana with its variation cause—————

a.         Lateral flexion of spine

b.         Rotation of spine

c.         Flexion of spine                                    

d.         Lateral flexion and rotation of spine

e.         Extension and rotation of spine

15.       Which of the following asanas does not cause abdominal strengthening?

a.         Utthanapadasana

b.         Chakrapadasana

c.         Padasanchalasana                                 

d.         Padanguli namana

16.       Which one among the following asanas can strengthen the abdominals as well as stretch the erector spine?

a.         Suptaudarakarshanasana                                   

b.         Suptapawanamuktasana

c.         Sputa vajrasana

d.         None of the following

17.       Which one amon te following is not a relaxation asana.

a.         Shavasana

b.         Advasana                                              

c.         Matsya kridasana

d.         Tadasana

18.       Bhujangasana causes spinal

a.         Flexion

b.         Extension                                              

c.         Rotation

d.         Lateral flexion

19.       Salabhasana needs strong

a.         Abdominals

b.         Back extensors

c.         Back and hip extensors                                     

d.         All extensor of lowerlimb

20.       Which asana is contraindicated for prolapsed inter vertebral disc

a.         Ardhasalabhasana

b.         Bhujangasana               

c.         Sarala dhanurasana

d.         Sputa pawanamukta asana

21.       Which asana is contra indicaterd for spondylolisthesis

a.         Chakrapadasana

b.         Suptapawanamukta asana                     

c.         Jhulanalurhakanasan

d.         Dhanurasana

22.       Flexion and extension of spine is done by

a.         Vyagrasana

b.         Vajrasana

c.         Paschimottasana                                   

d.         None of the above

23.       External rotation in one side and internal rotation in other side shoulder is done by———- asana.

a.         Manibandhachakra

b.         Gomukhasana                          

c.         Dwikonasana

d.         Triyaka tadasana

24.       In periarthritis shoulder which asana can be prescribed

a.         Manibandhachakra

b.         Gomukhasana               

c.         Dwikonasana

d.         None of the above

25.       Accupuncture is as old as________.

a.         500 years

b.         1000 years                                                        

c.         5000 years

d.         10,000 years

26.       The mental activities are controlled by__________.

a.         Ren & Du

b.         H & Liv

c.         K & Du                                                             

d.         H & Du

27.       The mental activities are controlled by__________.

a.         lungs

b.         heart                                                                 

c.         kidneys

d.         stomach

28.       Correct couple organs among the followings are____.

a.         heart and pericardium

b.         heart and small intestine                                    

c.         stomach and small intestine

29.       Each meridian has _______Jing-wel points.

a.         2                                   

b.         4

c.         6

d.         8

30.       The best accupuncture point in the boby is_____.

a.         Du-14

b.         Du-20                                                               

c.         St-36                                                                 

d.         P-3l

31.       The best expectorant point is___.

a.         St 44

b.         St 36                             

c.         Sp 10

d.         Sp 6

32.       For tonification , use——– .

a.         Jing-wel point

b.         Yuang source point                                           

c.         Alarm point

d.         Local point

33.       Filiform needle is of_______gauge.

a.         16

b.         18                                                                                                                     

c.         24

d.         30

34.       Moxibustion is mainly given for———–.

a.         Sedation

b.         Tonification                                                      

c.         Localised treatment

d.         Aromapathy

35.       GV 20 is the best _____________ point

a.         Hoemostatic

b.         Tonifying                                              

c.         Sedative

d.         Immune enhancing pint

36.       Which of the following is false with regard to Yin?

a.         Slid organ

b.         Male                             

c.         Negative

d.         Inner side of the limb.

37.       Yin is ____ in nature.

a.         dark

b.         light                                          

c.         positive

d.         non of the above

38.       Which is not a traditional component of 5 elements?

a.         Air

b.         Wood                                       

c.         Metal

d.         Earth

39.       The following is not an indication for acupuncture

a.         Alopecia 

b.         Asthma                                                             

c.         Eczema

d.         Diabetes

40.       Ah shi points are

a.         Meridian points

b.         Floating points                                                  

c.         Alarm points

d.         Match points

41.       Human body is made up of ___ natural elements.

a.         3

b.         4                                                           

c.         5

d.         7

42.       Who is known as the father of naturopathy?

a.         Vincenz  Priesnitz

b.         Adolf Just                                                         

c.         Mahatma Gandhi

d.         Goutam Buddha

43.       According to naturopathy the root cause of all diseases ____.

a.         germs

b.         Batta, pitta and cough                                      

c.         Accumulation of morbid matters in the body

d.         Sora, sika and syphilis

44.       In naturopathy, to get well from the acute diseases the patient should be kept on___.

a.         same diet as before

b.         only on veg. diet                                                           

c.         fasting on water or natural fluid

d.         non of the above

45.       In naturopathy Enema is applied to cleanse the___.

a.         respiratory tract

b.         large colon                                                        

c.         stomach

d.         nose

1. d13. a 25. a37. a
2. a14. d26.  d38. a 
3. b15. d27.  b39. d
4. c16. b28.  b40. b 
5. d17. d29. b41 c
6. a18. b30. b42. a
7. a19. c31. a 43. c
8. c20. d32. b43. c
9. a 21. d33. d44. c
10. c22. a34. b45. b
11. c23. b35. c 
12. d24. b 36. b 

300+ Orthopaedic Physiotherapy MCQs MPT preparation Practice Mode Quiz

300+ Orthopaedic Physiotherapy MCQs MPT preparation MCQs

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